Bass Fishing Tips – How to Fish a Plastic Worm

Are you wondering how to catch bass on a worm? Check out this quick informative video as I go over MY TOP 3 WAYS I like to fish a worm to catch bass. These 3 techniques can be used with almost any worm, no matter the shape, size, or cover you are fishing. Although there are dozens of ways to fish a worm to catch bass, these are my favorite 3. If you enjoyed this video make sure to give it a LIKE, leave a COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE!!!! Thanks for watching!!!

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Items Used:
2/0 Wacky Hook
4/0 EWG Hook
1/8oz Shaky Head
1/2oz Tungsten Weight
O-Wacky Tool
Nail Weight
Gary Yamamoto 7.75″ Kut Tail Worm
15lb braid
12lb fluorocarbon leader
30lb braid
6 10″ Castaway Drop Shot Special Skeleton V2 rod
7 2″ Castaway Mag Medium Heavy Worm and Jig Skeleton V2 Rod
Lews Tournament MB 8.3:1 Reel

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