Bass Fishing Tips Bass Fishing With Jigs: How to catch bass on jigs year round

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CATCH MORE BASS WITH JIGS Many pro bass fishermen agree You can ask tournament fisherman who fish for bass, from North to South and East to West, and they will tell you that you can and will catch bigger bass overall with Jigs than you will fishing with worms. You may not catch as many, but they will be bigger. Why use Jigs? Fishing jigs for bass is a finesse type of fishing, it requires more concentration and fishing slower. Many weekend Bass fisherman use their trolling motor and move around the shoreline casting spinner baits at the shore and reeling them back to the boat. This technique will catch fish, but you can catch a lot more by changing up a few techniques and learning to fish a jig in the right places. It’s not fast fishing, you have to slow down, and you can’t cover as much water, but isn’t the point to catch more fish? This book is like my other fishing books, for you to read before you go out on the lake, so you will have the best tips and techniques fresh in your mind when you hit the lake. Trying these tips and techniques will make you a better fisherman, and you will catch more bass. Do you want to catch more Bass? Of coarse you do, that is why you are out fishing. If catching more bass is what you are looking for.One great example is fishing boat docks for bass, If you don’t fish docks with jigs, you are missing out on a lot of fish, because of a simple thing you are not doing when you fish docks. Throwing a jig around docks after you fish it with a spinner, will catch fish you did’t catch without the jig. Be a better Bass fishermen


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