Bass Fishing the Wetlands

We’re back at the new Pond today and we’re
going to try to catch some fish so stick aroundcuz it’s going to be excitingwell there’s fish in here so I guess that’s
a good thingnice healthy little Largemouthcatching them on a beetle spin today one of
my favorites in this early springthere’s a bigger one
feels like anywaynot much fighter though goodness sakesoh that is a bigger fishthey’re getting bigger
they’re getting biggerlook at that one
pretty dark colorsbeen doing a little eatingkind of slow right here let’s move on down
a little bit and see if maybe the fishing is a little better down therethere we gogot himthere’s anotherthere we gothere’s a little one man there fun to catch
just love fishing love it pretty little thingHahahahahaha oh man this is a blastoh that was a freaking Giantwell we have technical difficulties here folksDadgummitholy molythis is gonna be a whileOk that took about 15 minutesOhOuchthat’s odd that fish has something sticking
out the bottom of its jawThat right there I don’t know if you can see it or not was sticking out the bottom
of the fishes jawpiece of plastic of some sort I guess I could be a bone maybe a bone that was broke in its mouthYa nice fishGollySonIt’s A 2,3, 4 pounder or maybe at 1 how about
at 1all right well just doing a little fishing
fun day that’s it like subscribe follow thechannel and we’ll catch you on the next video

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