Bass Fishing Table Rock, Cold Water Jerkbaits in January Video w Credits

Bass Fishing Table Rock, Cold Water Jerkbaits in January. The Video! Fished a cold afternoon on Table Rock out of Aunt’s Creek with my son Westin Yancey of #modernoutdoormedia and his buddy Clint Underwood! Water temp was 36 degrees at noon when we took off but we did find some 44-45 degree water in some of the sunny cuts. Threw mostly jerkbaits caught 2 decent largemouth, about 3 lbs each. One on a Shad Rap deep 11 jerkbait and Wes caught the other on a 3 gang, 3 blade A Rig. Both caught in the 10 to 15 foot range throwing ito 5-6 with boat setting in 20-25 on small bluff banks with some stickups near!! Check out hundreds of videos and articles at my number 1 bass fishing site, and subscribe below for a chance to win 1 of 500 Mega Chomp Lure Co lures we’re giving away in our ‘Year of Lures’ giveaway! Next drawing at noon CST, Monday February 4th!


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