Bass Fishing on Pomme de Terre; Tri County Bass Club, Short Video (24secs)

Bass Fishing on Pomme de Terre; Tri County Bass Club, May 2018

Short Video catching a few keeper bass on what is one of the best bass lakes in southwest Missouri, Pomme De Terre lake!

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Turned into a hot early May day and by 1 pm only had 1 15″ keeper in the boat. Decided to switch from ‘hard baits’ to soft plastics, so switched to the old reliable ‘tube lure’ and headed down a slightly shaded bank just south of Goody’s resort cove! Ended up catching 2 more keepers from 1pm to the 3pm weigh in at Hermitage park. Those 2 helped me end up top half of the 18 boats fishing that day!

Tri County Bass Club of St Roberts is the club if you don’t have a boat or if you want to fish the lakes of southwest Missouri, they are looking for new members, both non-boaters and boaters okay! They are also one of the oldest bass clubs in Missouri, established in 1989 and are a great group of people, both on and off the water.

Contact them on Facebook,here,

They are out of St. Roberts/Ft. Leonard Wood area, and are looking for new members! Also a great bunch of DOD and current or former army guys as well as other experienced bass anglers.

Where else can you go fish, pay a boater who knows the lake, $20-$30 for an 8 hour tournament day on the water, and fish southwest Missouri lakes like  Table Rock, Lake of the Ozarks, Pomme de Terre, Stockton and occasionally Bull Shoals, Norfolk and even Grand Lake?

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