Bass Fishing How To’s; Getting Loops Out of Your Baitcaster While on the Water!

Ever have a problem with baitcasters line getting loops in it and back spooling a bunch? LOL. We all have. Here’s a short video showing me ‘fixing’ 2 of them in about 2 minutes, while on the water pre-fishing for a bass tournament! Be sure you click away, Like and Subscribe to be entered in our ‘Year of Lures’ Mega Chomp Lure Giveaway. 1 of every 100 subscribers will win a MC lure,! Hurry, you only have about 7 and 1/2 months!! Back to getting loops out of your reel’s line! The key is to put on big swivels, let the line out to the bare spool, and troll with them. If doing only ‘1’ I’ll use the big motor but doing 2 at once, I’ll use the trolling motor on high for safety purposes. Use reel magic every so often when the lines have all the ‘twist’ out of them. Also, always put a lure on after doing this, set the ‘drop rate’ on your spool tensioner knob and make a couple long casts to make sure that the baitcaster is the ‘best’ tool you can have in your hand!!


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