Bass Fishing From Fareham Creek – Sea Fishing From Portsmouth Harbour – Bass

hello lads welcome back trying our luckfor a couple of flounders back at Fareham creek at the back of cpg hereA bit of frost on the ground this morning so fingers crossed might be able to get a nice flounder here we go lads sholey of 42cm, Happy dayslets get it back in. here we go just got another bass out, at 43cmsay its the fouth bass what we had out todayits turning into a right little bass sessionhopefully we get a flounder keep perservering im just going to show you how im baiting up. we release this one. yeah while i can i want to show you how im baiting upjust useing a one up one down size 2 hooks and a 4oz plain bomb leadim after the flounders so im useing as many tails as possibleworms not tiny but its relatively small. im useing two worms on each bit. right i feed a worm up. up to the top like that. pull that up the shank of the hook a bitget another worm. about half way upjust pull the head outthats how im fishing. nice bass realy happyhaha, just took a worm bait rod went slamming overare measure it and get it back. yeah his 49cmits what its all about isnt it?where the flounder at? hahalovely fish. having it off litraly having it off with the bass todaythere we go guys fishing down Fareham creek todayhad loads of bass out no flounder unfortunatlybut always good to get a couple of decent bass outwell untill next time guys good luck, take care and see you soon.

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