BASS FISHING a Small Lake with HUGE Potential!!!

I was on the way to fish a tournament and decided to hit a GORGEOUS looking little lake to see if I could stick some giant bass! I’ve only fished it a few times and know there’s a lot of quality fish, but unfortunately it was so choked out with grass it was hard to find the quality fish…but it was a great time nonetheless.

Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and leave a COMMENT below to let me know what you thought! I hit another lake before I got to the tournament, and had some better success…so check back for that vidja Thursday!


►Frog Fishing Setup◄

Reel – KastKing Speed Demon –
Rod – Abu Garcia 7’6″ H Frog Series
Line – KastKing 65 lb Black Braid
Bait – Live Target Frog

►Flipping Setup◄

Reel – KastKing Stealth –
Rod – Dobyns 765 FLIP
Line – 20 lb Fluorocarbon
Bait – Texas Rigged Beaver




•Water Temperature – 76

•Water Clarity – 5”

•Wind – 5-10 MPH

•Water Depth – 1-8′



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