Bass Fish Wall Mount Fish Replica, Fishing Wall & Coastal Decor

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These two sided fish mounts are created with fiberglass from molds cast off real Largemouth Bass giving them the same realistic texture of traditional skin fish mount fish taxidermy. The Largemouth Bass fish mount replica is then airbrushed to showcase the natural color it would have in the water. These custom Largemouth Bass fish mounts are the ultimate in home, office or nautical decoration. Production time varies unless the Largemouth Bass fish mount is already pre-assembled which will be noted above.Mount This Fish Company’s high quality fiberglass fish mount replicas are custom made, hand airbrushed by our team, consisting of avid anglers and outdoorsman.
Fish Replica Is Custom Made Airbrushed By Industry Leading Professionals. Realistic Glass Eye on every item we sell. Our Prices are the cheapest and are below market value.
Anatomically Correct Replica. Taxidermy Fish. So Realistic Friends and Family Might Think Its Real!
UV Protectant Finish – Use Indoor or Outdoors – Great for Vacation Homes, Cabin Homes, Lake Houses, Restaurants
Easy Hang Bracket On Backside of Replica & Lightweight. Check out all our fishes on our storefront! Contact us if you have any specification questions!