Top 5 Smallmouth Bass Fishing Lures

In this Top 5 Lures video we will talk about my top 5 smallmouth bass fishing lures. Since smallie fishing is right around the corner, and I try to keep these Top 5 Lures videos seasonally relevant, this is the perfect time to get in a mindset of smallmouth fishing; whether that be from the river, or in a lake. We’ll also talk about rigging and retrieval for these lures, and tactics to help you hook up on active fish when you head out to the water.

Tips up, tight lines and have fun fishing!


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Catching the GOLD FISH and Kraken Attack! – Island Time VR – HTC Vive Gameplay

Welcome to Island Time VR! Island Time VR is a brand new VR game where you survive on an island after being shipwrecked!

– – – – –

Island Time VR Gameplay Overview:

After a journey at sea, you are shipwrecked on a tiny island. Using your wit, ingenuity and the advice of Carl the Crab, you must find a way to keep yourself from starving and survive. Craft tools, fend off creatures…Or you could just give up and die? Just enjoy the sunset while you can. Almost makes you forget that you’re in a desperate struggle against your own mortality.

– – – – –

Island Time VR Gameplay VR Features:

– Survive… Until You Die
– Play standing In A Room-scale VR Experience
– Craft tools, like a spear, from the island’s resources
– Use your tools to catch fish, defend yourself… and do stuff, like, not die
– Befriend (or not) the island’s wildlife including sharks and pesky seagulls
– Foster a lifelong friendship with a crab. And, by lifelong, we mean a week at the most?

– – – – – –

Download Island Time VR on Steam:

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Fishing for Bass with Topwater Bait | BIG BASS SLAMS BUZZ FROG

Hi guys, so Sunday we went out on the canal in search of snakeheads. I went to throw in the trolling motor and found out we needed a new battery, but still made the best of it. It ended up being an awesome day with a giant bass!

#bassfishing #topwater #bigbass
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Catching Big Bass In A THUNDERSTORM! | Fishing Frontal Conditions

High-dollar electronics help you find bass but if you want to know how aggressive or passive the fish are, just take a glance at the sky. Since fishing weather plays a key role in the daily activities of both man and fish, watching the sky while you’re on the water will make you more adept at developing patterns. Knowing which lures to choose and how to present them under cloudy skies or on sunny, bluebird days increases your chances of consistently catching bass. In this video, Intern Gavin and fellow MTB’er Drew face changing weather conditions as a big thunderstorm rolls through.

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Lake Hodges Bass Fishing Tournament

Had a team tournament with the SoCal Kayak Anglers on Lake Hodges. It was my first time fishing Lake Hodges in a kayak and the day went pretty well. Let me know in the comments what type of fish you think that was. Baits and gear listed in the description below.


A10A1 Crevice Critter- (Dragon Craw)



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3B Outdoors TV – Tightlining for Smallmouth Bass, Cherokee Lake

3B Outdoors TV host Nathan Light is on Cherokee Lake, Morristown, TN catching cold, clear water smallmouth bass on his favorite technique, tightlining. Professional angler Joe Lee is the guest and picks up the technique quickly. Lots of fish on light line, small lures and the fun lasts all day. As always, there’s a surprise or two along the way.


Fishing GIANT Baits for GIANT Bass | TylersReelFishing

Well, attempting to at least… Had a blast on day 1 of my Clear Lake trip with Lucky Tackle Box! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my channel and Tactical Bassin’s Channel as well! If you liked it, HIT that LIKE Button, and I will see y’all next time!

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The One That Didn’t Get Away – Lake/Pond Hopping For Big Bass!

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Veronica's FIRST LARGEMOUTH BASS! – 18 inch 3lb – Pond Fishing

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Veronica catches her first LargeMouth Bass and it’s a nice catch! Caught it on a tiny shad color minnow plastic. Texas rigged. I cast it under a foot of water that runs under the road. Told her there’s probably a few sitting in there for shade..and I was right! 😀
I measured it against my leg. I subtracted an inch just in case but it was at least 18″ which puts it around 2.5-3.5lb. Nice healthy fish, dark and full.

I’m hoping to start my own fishing channel this year but might not happen. Need to get a decent setup. Gopro camera with a chest harness for POV capture and external mic for better audio. Very I can’t really get the greatest footage of fishing as the videos are taken via our phone camera..

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Prespawn Smallmouth Bass Fishing (South Holston Lake)

In this video, I fish my second bass tournament. The location is South Holston Lake which is on the border of Virginia and Tennessee. I caught a nice smallie, but we still have some learning to do before our next bass fishing tournament.

Water temperature: ranging from 51-58 degrees
Water clarity: stained up the river and relatively clear down the lake
Lure of Choice: Keitech Swimbait 4.8 in. paired on 1/2 ounce jighead
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Salt Springs Reservoir – Part 3 “Where The Eldorado and Mokelumne Collide”

This is the boundary line between the ElDorado National Forest and the Mokelumne Wilderness. Once you enter the Mokelumne wilderness the terrain becomes very rugged full of sharp brush, volcanic rocks and steep terrain. This area is the heart of Bigfoot country allot of sightings are reported in this area.


DIY Wooden Stool With Woven Paracord Seat | Modern Builds | EP. 68

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Today on Modern Builds we’re making an awesome mid century modern inspired stool/footstool. I decided to weave a paracord seat instead of using chair webbing like the original. It was inspired by Douglas Snelling who’s made a lot of great pieces of furniture. If you plan on building this yourself, I’ll have all the info you need in my written article.

Paracord: (I used Black):
A couple other colors I think would look nice:
Sage Green:
Asphalt Grey:

Written Article:

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Episode 52 of the Kayak Fishing RAW podcast will feature Deep Blue Kayak Fishing Charters owner Marlin Matt to talk about the upcoming Summer Slam Part 2, 2018. We will talk about wahoo and the fishing report for the tournament with predictions. You can find Matt at or @deepbluekayakfishing on Instagram.

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FOX Sports Outdoors SouthWEST #16 – 2018 Atchafalaya River Louisiana Largemouth Bass Fishing

The Atchafalaya River Basin in south Louisiana is a mystical place. Located near Morgan City, its vast marshes and swamps are full of cypress trees, spanish moss, alligators, and bass. On this week’s show, we’ll load our viewers up in our Tracker Pro Team 195 boat and venture out into Bayou Black to catch some Cajun largemouths. It’s a fun and entertaining journey. See lots more great fishing news and info at our web site at


Bass Fishing with Topwater Frogs

Bass fishing with topwater frogs in Minnesota lakes. I share some of my tips and tricks to help you boat more topwater largemouth bass using frogs. A good topwater bite is hard to beat when it comes to bass fishing. It’s explosive, and it’s awesome!
It’s hot and the water temps are up along with all the vegetation. Dog days of summer have arrived! Minnesota’s lakes are filled with fish and out pulling frogs over them. Get up, get out, and get after it! Practice catch and release. Minnesota Outdoor Journal. Bass fishing with topwater frogs!