AquaSkinz Black Thunder Fishing & Sports Gloves (Medium)

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The Aquaskinz “Black Thunder” premium sports gloves use highly durable synthetic leather in the palm and neoprene on the backing. These high quality gloves will provide warmth, comfort and functionality for all your sporting needs without compromising sensitivity. These high quality gloves are fully breathable and designed to WORK and to last! These gloves are great for both surfcasters and boat fisherman alike and are a favorite for shooting sports as well as driving. As an added feature the gloves have a full velcro wrist closure which will keep it secure and comfortably on your hand. Wear them fishing, boating, driving, shooting, or working hard when your hands need protection without sacrificing dexterity and comfort.Tough synthetic leather palms and soft neoprene backing protects hands while being fully breathable and quick drying.
Full wrap around Velcro wrist closure and unique inner Velcro connector for snug and comfortable fit
Kevlar casting finger guard to avoid cuts from super braid fishing line
Silicone webbing on finger tips and hand base to provide superior grip on gamefish, lures, rods, and line.
Finger tip re-enforcements on all the fingers but the thumb

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