Amplifier Mega Bass Super Bass Big Bass Ide Kreatif DIY

greetings healthy youtubeI just finished, attach the super bass amplifierI put on the speakermy old tape, which was already unusedI put, in position, which I can attachhonestly, i am not disappointed, buy itok, we see the resultsok, the module is like thisThis price is around Rp. 140,000 pcswe see the sizethe length of the front is about 11. 6 cmand the front width is around 6. 5 cmthen the length insidearound 10 cmand width inside, around 4. 2 cmpay attention, it’s HIFI Bassalready bluetooththis is the antenna cableThis is the left and right speaker outputUSB, TFand manual buttonand volume, bass and treble controlsthe supply voltage can be 12V-24Vdcso you can use batteriescan also input voltage 110Vac-240Vacand the ON OFF buttonin my opinion, this is very completegreatok, this is speaker output tooif the front is not used, so you choose, not bothaccording to the spec, this power is 2x50W, but impossibleFirst, determine the placement of the modules, just find one that is suitableexample here, I put it asideok, next up to you guysI pierced it with solderok, after tidy, just remove the old speaker cablethen plug in the speaker module outputoya one more, this is the antennaI put it on the ends of the box onlyok, that’s all, my practice this timethank you for visiting

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