A Guide’s Guide to Catching Big Bass

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Learn how to catch more and bigger bass from former Clearlake, Ca fishing guide of twelve years, Bob Labno. Let Bob show you through his system “Maximum Exposure” how to keep your bait in front of the big bass instead of the hit and miss most anglers use.

Using moon and sun position, he will show you how to know where and what times big bass will feed each day instead of your roaming around aimlessly. This system works so well that he quit taking pictures of bass over ten pounds at about 300!

This book contains information on the best way to fish different structures, the best big bass baits and how to use them. It teaches you how a bass perceives the world around it and how it reacts. It will also teach you how to pinpoint big bass structures, what to do when the fishing gets tough and many more tricks. It also contains relevant stories about his time guiding.

Big bass aren’t hard to catch. Being at the right spot when they’re feeding is the problem, and what you’ll learn in these pages. You’ll get the best of forty-five years of experience in bass fishing.

No matter where you live or your level of expertise, Bob will help you find and catch bigger bass!

Bob is also the author of “Close Encounters of the Critter Kind”, “Bare Bones Organic Gardening”, and “Screen Printing Four Color Process on T-shirts”.

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