3 Easy Access Cape Cod Fishing Spots for Spring-Time

– So my favorite
thing to do right nowis hike out into the Cape’s
wilderness, so to speak,and find remote fishing spots,and catch fish in these remote areas. It’s a lot of fun, it
involves a lot of walking,and, this spring, I plan
on doing several tripsthat will require five
to 15 miles of hiking. Now, I know not everybody’s
able to do that,perhaps you’re a little older
or just can’t walk that far,maybe you have some kids, small children. Well, my friend Garrett
is gotta be helping uswrite about easy-access
fishing areas this season. And one spot in particular for the springis South Cape Beach in
the town of Mashpee. This is a great place that
Garrett and I go to often,and as you can see in
the Google Earth image,there’s a nice big parking lot,and you don’t have to walk
far to get to fishy water. And, especially during the spring,bluefish will come
amazingly close to shore. You can catch stripers here, but bluefish,like this one Garrett’s reeling
in, are the prime target. Now, bluefish fishing during
the spring is a lot of fun,you can get ’em on topwater,
and you don’t have to bea seasoned fisherman with
years and decades of experienceto catch these bluefish. Another spot to try for
bluefish is a little east ofSouth Cape Beach, at a place
called Craigville Beach. This is another spot that Garrett and Iwill probably venture to this season,and, as you can see, there’s
a nice big parking lot,and you don’t have to go
far to find fishy waters. This fish was not caught at Craigville,but bluefish like this are typicalof what you can find
there during the spring. The third place, and
I went here with Kyle,who is a eight-year-old angler,who you’ll meet in a moment,is the fish pier at Scusset Beach. This is a great place
to go during the spring,before it gets too busy with people,and this is terrific
if you have young kids. This is where I grew
up, learned how to fish. It’s simple fishing,
you drop a little hook,maybe a sabiki rig, with
a little piece of mackereldown to the bottom, and you
can catch these small little,well, I used to call
’em perch, or choggies,and they’re just about everywhere,and it doesn’t take a
lot of effort to catch,they can be a little tough to hook,but that’s not the only
fish that you might catchfishing this way. And if you’re more into
stripers, I’ve also taken fishup to 35 pounds jigging
in this general area. But what Kyle has right
here is a sea bass,and you can take sea bass,tautog,flounder,it’s a great spot. So stay tuned this season
for more easy-access areasthat Garrett will be
highlighting here on the blog,and scroll down below this
video for more informationabout some easy-access spotsthat you can check out this spring. So we have a lot to look forward to,and whether you gotta be
hiking 10 miles or walking20 steps, I think this
will be a fantastic spring.

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