3 1/2 Pound Smallmouth Bass on Lake St. Clair

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Got out on the lake with the old man and did some trolling. Caught a few smallmouth bass, my pops reeled in a nice size lunker. Honestly I thought it was going to be a four pounder, but ended up just weighing 3 1/2 pounds. It definitely gave up a hell of a fight! As the old man said, fighting like a bulldog. Gotta love his fishing vocabulary!

Going to be the last fishing day using my GoPro 2 camera, not happy with audio so I’m sending it back to Amazon. The video footage has been pretty good, but I’m looking for good audio too. Seems like no matter what external mic you add to the GoPro camera, there’s a lot a clicking and electrical distortion in the background. A common occurrence with GoPro cameras, even the third one. The internal mic isn’t bad, but there’s no way to put a windscreen on the internal mic.

Next videos are gonna be used with the Sony Action Cam HDR-AS15.

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