24/7series: Episode 5 | Lake Fork

– Yeah!Woo! – We are here,last day of practiceday before the derbyLake Fork, Texasland of the giants. And I have caught Zero giants this week. Not good when you’re about to enterinto a slug-fest,street fight,big bass beat down. Lot of different things going onand there’s still fish on bedsthere’s still fish up shallowand you got fish moving,uh,off shore. I wouldn’t say that they’re all completelyoff shore,I know guys who catch ’em off shorelike I said I-I gravitate towards shallow stuff. – We’re going to go grind it out, um,see what happens tomorrow, you know. Uh, I may pull the plug and gopractice and stuff. It um,end of the day I love
fishin’ the shallow, so,if I’m gonna go down,we’re gonna go down fishin’ shallowthe way I like to do it. Thing is, any cast in this placecould be six,eight,12,15 pound bass. – Oh look at that! – I need a freakin’ mule!Yes!Yes! That’s what we’re here for, baby. – You ready for it?- Five pounds, five ounces- Good to go!That’s a big-un, baby. Oh my gosh!No!No!This is giant, dude. Giant!It’s a giant!- Oh, don’t break,Yes!Yes! – Six pounds three ounces- Six pounds three ounces – She had everything – From Newcomerstown, OhioHunter Shryock! – Hunter had a big event at our last event14 three today,gonna have toqualify him for a big rally tomorrow but,no better spot to do it than Lake Fork. – That’s all right,you know it’s,that’s 14 pounds with just, uh,three fish!So I didn’t get the
limit today and hopefullytomorrow you know,we put the fish in the boat, but. Talk about some positive things,what do we have here?The Berkley experience tent?So, Saturday come see mewe’re all gonna be herewe’re gonna be workin’ the booths, uh,be sure to come back
because it’s cool trailerthey got a lot of stuff,lot of the baits I’m using
this week are in there so,we’re gonna go try to
catch some giants tomorrowI know they’re in there, so,we’re gonna try it out. – A decent day with those guysgoing for dirty thirty,gotta take them down- So day one did not go as plannedthe missed opportunities, you know,we had a chance to have a good dayand that’s fishin’, like,you’re always gonna have that stuff. Frustrating because you usually sight fishand you have your equipment,tackle,everything is geared,you get a hook penetration,get that fish in the boat, and,when I lost that fish,once,twice,that kinda just sent me for a loop. That’s when it comes down to being, uh,mental. It’s a mental game,it’s 90% of it’s mental, andI didn’t,I just kinda,lost it from there. I wouldn’t say lost it
but I just didn’t makevery good decisions after that point,all I had to do really today
was just go out and fish. So now I gotta go out tomorrow and reallycatch ’em,hope that I can get that,get in the cut. The biggest thing,I think I,I’ve figured something outI just got sidetracked, you knowjust go out there and fish. We’re on a little bit of new water, sowe’ll figure it out,and go catch a big bag tomorrow. – Big one- Just cast into it Yep!Got him! First flip, babyIn the mouth,see it’s in the mouth- Mhm- Woo!- That is nice- Zero it out- That’s five eleven- Alright That worked Look out, look outYes!Yes! Get over there!- Whoa!- Yes!Oh yeah!Booked it! Yeah!Woo!Yeah baby!Yeah!- – Boom!Yeah baby! Yes, three fourteen right here- That’ll put you close to 18 pounds- Yes! – He had zero on BASSTrakk all day,which I kind of figured maybe, like,it was wrong, like,he at least has one,so I kinda had it in my head that hewas out of service. So when he rolls in and I finally checkedBASSTrakk one more time,before weigh in,it jumped uphe was in 27th with 18-11,and I’m like,”What? Oh my gosh!”and I was shocked,but I wasn’t because I just,I really felt you know,in my heart that God was gonna give himthose bites and that was gonna do well. And I saw him,and he just had that grin on his face. I looked up and I’m like “I told you!”He’s like “I know, you told me” – What did I tell you?- What did you tell me?- What did I tell you?Last week. ♪ For the record, ♪♪ I’m done tryna make y’all comfortable ♪♪ For the record, ♪♪ You ain’t tryna grow
then it’s done for you ♪♪ For the record, ♪♪ Labb on me going all the way ♪♪ For the record ♪♪ Ain’t tryna link no time to waste ♪♪ For the record ♪- From Newcomerstown, Ohio,Hunter Shryock – 18-11 today,you took 32-14,you did slide into the top 35 right nowin 30th place. – Yeah, it’s uh,a little rebound from yesterday,but uh,man this place,I hope this rain keeps up. And thank you for coming out in this rain,I apologize for wishin’that it keeps raining, though,The lake came up, uh,almost a foot andI don’t like to catch bass overthree foot of water and,I- I’m still running the bank out thereI know a lot of guys
caught some shallow todayso,hopefully we get some rain and, uh,I can go flip my Berkley Pit Boss,swim a jig around with a littlechigger craw trailerand hopefully catch some
more Lake Fork bass. I did see a giant one on the bedso hopefully some more giants are stillpulling up, uh,looking forward to
hopefully fishing on Sunday. – There is
a dude sitting therein a soaked t-shirt in
the middle of the rain,he doesn’t give a crap about your wishto have rain – At all!- I know what he
does care about, though,He can go to Bassmaster. com and- Tell me!- Sign up to fish with me,but that’s not the cool part. The cool part is you win a new,brand new Phoenix boat,prize package from all my sponsors,so it’s like over 45,000it’s like a $50,000 deal that,all you’re gonna do is sign up. Super easy,Bassmaster. com to fish
with Hunter Shryock. Check it out. – Awesome contest. And I’m sure – Lot better day. Things went right,put fish in the boat,the rain brought water inrose the water level up,like almost a foot,and so, you know that helpsyou know us shallow guys that are stillfishing shallow. You know regardless jumping
inside that cut linesalvaging this derby,because after day one
doing what I did, um,usually you don’t get
too many opportunitiesbut a place like thisthe opportunities always, you know,there to catch 30 pounds. I catch 25 to 30 pounds fishing shallow,I truly believe that. We got a day off tomorrow. Gonna go do Angler Alley, uh,tomorrow morning. It’ll kinda give the lake a littlebit of rest. Look forward to gettin’
back out there Sundayand hopefully putting
the pieces of the puzzletogether and catching some dirty 30. – We have a big taskto try to conquerbut the good thing is
we’re on Lake Fork, soget on a 25 to 28 pound day. I feel like if you catch 28 you makethe top 10, um,like I said we haven’t
had these conditionsand now that the water’s gone up. Just started to fall about an inchor two from the last
day we’s out here, so,I don’t know,I have a good feeling about it. We got five Abu Garcia
rods and reels on the deckprobably the first time
this year that I’ve hadthat little of rod left, so,feeling pretty good about it,excited to be out there. – Got him!That’s how we do it, baby!Yes!Big one. Big one. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh! Stay down, girl. – Five five. – Oh my gosh,Thank you, thank you. Ooooh-eee! Dig it!Yes!Got him!Got you, joker. Oh my God!Look out, look out, look out – Yes!- Oh yeah! – – I watched that thing comeout and shark it! – Sink ’em! – That’s a male. – Oh my god! – No!Come out. Come out. Oh gosh,oh gosh it’s big. Oh gosh,look out, look outlook out. – Oh my god! – Shhhh!Oh my gosh!- Zero it out. Five eleven! – It’s diggin’Oh no no no noYes!Yeah!- Grab the scale if I do it now – Shoot!Gah!No!No!Yes!Come on!Look out. – Look at that. – That’s a good one. Yes! – Get loud for Hunter Shryock! – 21 pounds 7 ounces today,so a good day,gives you 54 fiveand unfortunately not gonna make the cut,but uh,made the first cut and that’sthe most important one. – It is, you knowI-I started off the weekI didn’t have a great first day,and my weights climbed this time andthat’s the first time this year thatmy weights have climbed in an event so,hopefully the rest of the year I can get,you know,get that momentum going, but,what an awesome week. This place is phenomenal,I know you guys have sat here andheard it all, um,but I ended my day looking,I didn’t get to see a lot of it,but there’s some big fish, uh,and I know it’s gettin’ hot,there’s some big, big fish that areactually pulling up to spawn stilland I’d see,all I could see was her tail,and it’s about this wide. I caught fish that were smallerthan that this week andher tail was this wide,and it looked like a carp,no kidding it looked,and she was rolling, with,I couldn’t see the male,the male was probably a smallfour-pounder down there on the bed,you know, in three foot of water, uh,I don’t know how big it wasI’ve never seen a bass that bigI’m from Ohio,I don’t see stuff that big. It looked like a mutant in the waterand I was trying to catch it, uh,with 15 minutes left to go,’cause I kept thinking”That’s a Toyota Truck,
that’s a Toyota Truck”But we didn’t catch it,but anyhow that’s like,that’s the type of stuff
that can happen here,um,I gotta thank my sponsors Berkley,Abu GarciaSpiderwire,uh,Mercury,Phoenix,uh,Rigid Industries,Field and Stream,Gator Guard,I know I’m forgetting a couple. Bob’s Machine Shop,if y’all haven’t checked out theirjack plates,I’ve rammed my jack plates up and downall week,it is the fastest jack plate,I start that thing all the way upand I put it on pad and it’s all the wayback down avoiding all them stumps, but,man these guys crushed ’emand, uh, it’s uh,I think I’m gonna stick around this week’cause we got until OklahomaI think I might stick around soif you guys see me out here,stop, say hi,but it’s,it’s been a fun week. – I’m pretty sure you’re notthe only one that’s stickin’ aroundit’s gonna be a busy lake this week.

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