Sundown Subs LAUGHING at 5000 Watts w/ 2 15" ZV4 Subwoofers PORTED Slammin LOUD Car Audio Bass Songs

Another solid sound system coming in with Chris and his dual ZV4 15’s straight laughing at 5,000 watts of power! Basically teasing these woofers, it appears he’s got even more upgrades for SBN 2015!

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Chris’ SIck Pickup Truck Sound System
2 Sundown Audio 15’s / ZV4 Subwoofer Series
Single Everest 5k Bass Amplifier
Skar Audio Mids & Highs Speakers
Skar Audio 125.4 4 Channel Amp
Sky High Car Audio Wire

Bassheads Unite 2015
Slamfest Car And Truck Show 2014


BANG BANG! Duck Down! | Catch and Cook on the RIVER in SURVIVAL CHALLENGE Ep7

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Join me and Zach Fowler winner of Season 3 of ALONE on the History Channel. Zach’s Playlist:


We weight-in and weigh-out and if we lose any body mass at all, we have FAILED the challenge!

Unlike Naked and Afraid, ALONE, or Survivorman, there is no limit to the tools we are allowed to use on this survival challenge. Living off just WILD foods is harder than you think! If it’s legal, it’s fair use. Sometime we even do some bushcraft, but the main focus is really on eating wild foods, wild edibles and catching and cooking various foods.

This isn’t about just surviving, this is about thriving!

Season 4: Northern Autumn, takes place in Northern Ontario with vast opens seasons including fish, catfish, pike, trout, birds such as grouse, duck, and geese, bear, deer, and moose. Also wild apples, mushrooms, berries, and so much more. We make use of all the resources in this challenge to meet the demands for calories imposed by the human body!

In this episode we move even further off-grid to chase down waterfowl. Birds are a welcome change to eating just beaver and bear meat. We collect a couple as we paddle out to our new camp spot in an area completely unknown to me. We also hope for some fish and other small items like grouse.

Beaver are surprisingly easy to trap and offer a ton of nutrients to the forager. A real staple item! Beaver is also great eating, usually very full of fats crucial to surviving long term in the wild.

Guests on this series:

Zach Fowler:

Mathew Hawthorne (book a bear hunt):

Jeremy (One Wildcrafter):

Adam Craig:

Rob the Bear hunter!


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Betta Fish Fry Changing Color and Moving Tanks

The Betta fish fry are a month and a half old and are starting to change color. Some of the fry are now turning cellophane in color. We have moved them into a 20 gallon grow out tank and are doing daily large water changes. We have found that many of the fry don’t have ventral fins and have been getting some die off.

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Sponge filter
Tank dividers.
Water Conditioner
LED Light.

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Buzzbait Fishing at Lake Okeechobee FL- Topwater Largemouth Bass Fishing

Buzzbait bass fishing at Lake Okeechobee, Florida

This was my first time fishing legendary lake okeechobee in Clewiston, Florida and the fishing was tough.
We started off the day by fishing some topwater frogs around all the vegetation we could find. After getting no bites, I switched to a watermelon swimbait and started swimming it through the grass. We managed to catch a few largemouth bass that way, but our goal for that day was to catch a 5 to 10 pound bass. So what i ended up doing for the rest of the day was fishing a white buzzbait through the grass in search for a big bite. The topwater bite wasn’t strong, but I was confident I could catch a more decent bass on it than on the swimbait.
It got extremely hot with tempertures over 100 degrees! This really slowed down the bite, and I wasn’t able to get the big bass I was after.
It was still a great experience, and it was awesome to fish in the beautiful water of Lake Okeechobee in Clewiston Florida.

Lures Used:
-Spro Bronzeye Frog (white)
-Gambler Big EZ swimbait (watermelon seed)
-Revenge Lures Swim jig (bluegill color)
-Yamamoto Senko (black and blue)
-Booyah Buzzbait (white)
-4/0 Gamakatsu hook EWG

Rod/Reel/Line used:
-13 Fishing Concept C reel (7.1:1) on a Kistler Helium3 7′ 3″ heavy x-tra fast rod, and Seaguar 50 lb flippin’ braid
-Bass Pro Shop Johnny Morris Spinning reel on a Kistler Helium3 7′ medium x-tra fast rod, and 10 lb power pro braid with an 8 lb flourocarbon leader
-Shimano Curado 70 HG reel (7.1:1) on a Kistler KLX 7′ 6″ X-tra heavy, x-tra fast, and Seaguar 50 lb flippin braid

Camera Gear:
Gopro Hero 4 silver
Chest Mount
Portable Tripod


Location: Lake Okeechobee, Clewiston, Florida
Date: July 7, 2016
Primary Pattern: Fishing white buzzbait through the grass (morning bite)
Time Fished: 7:30 AM-2:00 PM
Air Temp: About 103 degrees
Conditions: Clear sunny skies, high pressure, DRY

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How to Fish Swim Jigs for Big Bass

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