Farmington River Smallmouth Bass Fishing ~ Wading For Smallies

In this episode, I take my dad to the Farmington River to do some fishing on Fathers day. The original goal was to go for some trout but ended up catching a bunch of smallmouth bass. We were both using ultra lights ; he was using panther martin inline spinners and I was using a phoebe
Welcome to AllFishing TV! This channel is all about my fishing adventures. I am located in Connecticut and I mostly target bass but if you look through my videos there are many carp fishing videos, trout fishing videos, saltwater videos and much more. I made this channel so I can go back and re-live these experiences catching fish. I hope you enjoy my videos and don’t forget to subscribe for videos every Wednesday and Sunday at 7pm!

My goal is to fish every state in the U.S.
States Fished:
~Rhode Island


Tackling clear water largemouth bass

Extreme Angler TV season 11 eps 5- You want big bass? You came to the right show for that. On this weeks episode, Karl is fishing a typical cottage lake that has very clear water and a lot of available structure for largemouth bass to hide including arrowheads, lily pads, boat docks, sunken cribs and more. See how Karl tackles the clear water and catches some of the biggest largemouth seen on Canadian television.


Big River Smallmouth Bass Fishing | Addicted Life Ep. #11

River smallmouth are a whole different animal. Smallmouth bass use the current breaks, wood, bridge pilings and more as attack points on baitfish or other food. Smallmouth bass are some of the most aggressive eating freshwater fish on the planet. Smallmouth Bass will hit your bait so hard sometimes it scares you! Super fun fish to catch, and in this episode of Addicted Lfe, were out doing some big river smallmouth fishing on the Willamette River. We have Mike Kaplan, Josh Handy, Charles Stahley, & More! Please subscribe, we have new episodes every Sunday!

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Big Bag Swimbait Pattern For Bass Fishing Florida in Summer

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The swimbait seems to be key for fishing for bass with summer temps. Fish are suspended and targeting shad up in the water column. Using 15lbs flourocarbon and a Powell rod 775 Max 3d I’m casting the bait out and slow rolling it while letting the bait drop back down to the bottom from time to time. It’s almost like gently stroking a swimbait. It’s rigged up on a 3/4oz Gambler Lures Swimbait Jig Head using a Basstrix 6″ hollow body. You have to use your Lowrance sonar to find the fish and mark the pods, then drop a buoy and get to it. Keeping the lure higher in the water column is also super important so you’re fishing it where the bass are set up.