How to fish Jigs 101 – Everything you need know about fishing jigs for big bass

Watch FLW Pro Scott Martin talk all about how to fish a jig. Picking the right type, size, color and technique are all very important decisions when choosing a jig. Knowing what type of cover and time of the year that works the best to catch big bass in crucial. Thanks for watching our videos! Drop us a comment and Scott will be sure to answer it soon!

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Big Bass Fishing with the Boss

A quick afternoon trip with the boss turned into a big bass fest as we encountered much bigger bass than were thinking about on the way to the lake. I few fish came on spinnerbaits, but the really big ones came from flipping craw baits into heavy shoreline cover around secondary points. The bait had to be paused for several seconds before getting bit. I think the heavy winds and low pressure got these big bass into feeding mode before moving up to spawn in the warm and dirty shallow water in the backs or coves and creeks.

Jackall 4″ Sasuteki Craw –
G Loomis GLX 853 & 854 Jig and Worm Rods
40 and 50 lb Power Pro Max Quatro Braided line

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Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing | Wisconsin's Chippewa River | Hayward Fly Fishing Company

Fun day float trip in the middle of summer (July) fly fishing for smallmouth bass, northern pike and muskie on Northern Wisconsin’s Chippewa River near Hayward, Wisconsin.

The fly fishermen and fly fisherwoman missed a few, caught a few and had a fun time on a beautiful stretch of Wisconsin river.


Super Nes – Matsukata Hiroki no Super Trawling (J) Intro

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