Bass Fishing Tournament at Candlewood Lake – The One That Got AWAY!

Fished the TBF Connecticut Bass Fishing tournament at Candlewood Lake. It was an open buddy tournament that I fished solo managed to almost catch a limit. With water temps from 55-61 degrees, the fish are moving up and managed to run into a few candlewood lake largemouth and smallmouth. Caught all the fish on rapala bx brat and a keitech football jig with a net bait paca chunk trailer.
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Topwater Tips for Bass Fishing 1 Ft. Matt Frazier

Topwater tips for bass Fishing 1 Ft. Matt Frazier

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Episode Index:
Topwater tips 1

1:55 Why I put down the frog for the buzzbait
3:31 Picking a topwater in the morning
5:01 Explosion!
5:17 Early morning tip
7:05 Post spawn tip
9:50 Up close take!
10:39 Picking apart a prime spot
12:05 Mid day wind tip for sunny days
13:05 Bringing deeper fish up
13:59 Double and calm water tip
15:34 Big topwater swim bait catches
17:50 Big topwater swim bait tips!
20:14 Picking high percentage mats
21:08 Why most people miss frog strikes
24:25 Best weedless search bait period

Topwater Frog Fishing Ft: Billy Hines

In this episode we break down a few of our favorite topwater lures. We teach tricks and tips to help you catch more and bigger bass in this topwater only episode. This will be part one of many more to come as topwater bass fishing can be some of the most rewarding action for the recreational angler out there!


Smallmouth Bass, Muskies and Walleyes: The Fox River Trifecta

This week the Spot on Fishing crew heads to the Fox River. We’ll show you what we like to call the Fox River Trifecta. A Smallmouth, a Muskie, and a Walleye. We are fishing in Montgomery IL but these techniques can be used on the Fox from it’s start in Southeast Wisconsin to the rivers’ exit in Ottawa IL.

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How to Catch Giant Bass Like a Pro

Want to catch BIGGER BASS? This video is full of big fish catching tips that you won’t find anywhere else! Nick “The Informative Fisherman” goes through the secrets of the pros that will help you make the right decisions the next time you’re on the water.

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The Hook Shots Podcast – #28 Big Bass Blessings From The Swimbait Godfather

Bill Siemantel has forgotten more about swimbaiting giant largemouths than most people that do this will ever know. A pioneer of the California scene, Siemantel was at the forefront of the game way back in 1985, carving his own baits and helping to develop a lot of the tackle and strategies swimbaiters lean on today. His ultimate message, however, is that you don’t need to fish a body of water full of stocked trout and 10-plus-pound bass to cash in with the method. Swimbaiting has a place in the farm pond down the street, and a history lesson plus a little tactical wisdom from the master will get you amped to attack it with 12 inches of rubber.



Central Coast Bass fishing shows, 40 Years of bass fishing and we still love it, NEVER STOP. Launch ramps are bass magnets 100 percent. Year round bass hang around them, find one fish it. Uvas lake
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With camping season just around the corner, we thought we would show you some awesome tents that could be essential to a great camping trip. These come in all shapes and sizes while holding anywhere between 2 to 12 people. Almost everyone likes camping, so why not do it in a warm and cozy tent that protects you from the elements. Here is our list of 10 awesome tents, inflatable tents, dome tents, and roof-top tents.

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Fish Sperm Taste Test • Feast Mode Hunger Squad

“I think my cod ate some pineapple before it got busy.”

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Bed Fishing for Largemouth Bass | CRO ep. 15

Awesome Bass fishing at Saguaro Lake with my girlfriend. Thanks to Jason Blauvelt with Arizona Fishing Guides, we had a GREAT time!
–Collin Randall Outdoors EP. 15–



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Topwater frog fishing: the science of setting the hook

Ever wonder what is going on UNDERWATER when a bass blows up on your frog? Here I use military-grade high speed video (2000 frames per second!) to SLOW DOWN the motions of bass blowing up on frogs. We show never-before seen video to help you set the hook more effectively on big bass!

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Florida Fishing learning the Odds of Big Bass

Bass in Florida can be tough especially when there is multiple species of grass everywhere you look. I will talk about different grasses that are in the Lakes. And we’ll tell you about the odds of catching big bass in Florida and how lopsided it usually is. Fishing tournaments in Florida can be a tough place in a 4-day event because you are relying on that Big Bite always.


Lake Fork Bass Fishing Seminar W/ Tournament Tips

Zach Hughes stops by to give some great tournament tips in today’s free bass fishing seminar from Lake Fork Marina. Thanks for watching!

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