Bass Fishing – Catching Giants When Spillway Gates Open

This was a long awaited series of trips to the spillway after the gates finally opened. Florida has been in a severe drought until recently. I’ve been fishing this spillway for about 6 months, dreaming of what it would be like when the gates opened up. The rains came, and the spillway did not disappoint.

Lure- Bomber Super Pogy 1.25 oz

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High School Bass Fishing Tournament – We Skipped Blastoff!

-High School Bass Fishing Tournament – We Skipped Blastoff!
In this particular bass fishing tournament, our motor was suffering from oil depletion. We had filled up the tank with oil the night before. Luckily, Pitsburge Marine was hoting a tournament there and were able to verbally coach us through until we fixed the motor and blasted off in the back of the pack. I started the day on a straght bank with a buzzbait and caught a smallmouth bass but unfortunately he was an inch and a half too short. Later in the day I captured 2 spotted bass and only one was big enough to keep. He weighed one pound and two ounces. Just enough to get me into 10th place out of 30 boats.



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High School Tournaments:
3rd Place finish-
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Catching BIG Spotted Bass and Making BIG MONEY on Lake Lanier

This is it! Fishing for the chance to win $125,000 on Lake Lanier in the FLW Tour 3rd Stop of the 2018 season. I need to beat out 20 of the 30 fisherman left in the top 30 to move on. This video will show you how I fished and the ups and downs of the day. I’ll have to beat some good fisherman to move on, but I am focused 100% and all I need to find where those BIG Spotted Bass moved to.

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Winter Bass Fishing – Catching BIG Bass With Golden Shiners

On my Previous Video, we catch some golden shiners on rod and reel for bass bait. Today, we take those golden shiners and head to Guntersville Dam to catch some big bass! I hope you enjoy the video!

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