Bass and Kayak Fishing Seminar with Tournament Angler Jamie Denison

In this video, the winner of the 2018 KBF “the Ten” Jamie Dension gives us some great tips and techniques for bass fishing and fishing from a kayak. This final seminar I videoed for the NCKFA at the Great Outdoors Provision Company in Greensboro, NC.

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Smallmouth Bass Feeding on Crayfish-Engbretson Underwater Photography

How do bass eat? In this compilation showing several different crayfish being consumed by Smallmouth Bass, you can see how the fish almost always head toward the surface. Small stones, plants, detritus and even parts of the crayfish claws that break off are expelled from the mouth before the crayfish is swallowed.

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Fishing For Bass Around GIANT Dams!!

I Take a by any means necessary approach to fishing dams in Columbus GA. If you want to see more videos like this make sure to hit that like button! New? Subscribe and help me reach 20K Subscribers!!

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Boat Fishing at Loch Raven for Big Bass – New Personal Best!

Only my second time renting a boat at Loch Raven. See what happens when I land my new personal best!
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About a week ago I decided to try out my hand at a boat rental at Loch Raven. I didn’t really catch anything and spent a lot of time learning to navigate and operate the boat. Tried again and this time I’m getting a little better at it. I’m also learning that fishing from a boat is a little tougher than shore for odd reasons. For example, you’re constantly fighting with wind and currents. On this video the wind was a strong enough to push me around so I learned to use the anchor. The benefits are you can access places in a boat that are off limits to a shore angler.

This was one of the fancier boats as it had a larger troller motor, two batteries, and covered flooring and swivel seats.

I’m really loving this 13 Fishing Concept A in 6.6:1 LH. Paired with the St. Croix Mojo Bass 7’1” M/H fast action rod, I can cast most lures a country mile. I’ve been able to tune the settings and only had a few backlashes in the wind. I’m also using the 40# braid which I’m coming to appreciate over mono or FC lines as I fell everything.

I also got my Shimano Curado 201HD back from warranty repair. In one of my first videos I lost a hookup from what I thought was me making a bad hook set. Turns out the anti reverse gears needed some work. I spooled it up with 12# Berkley Vanish FC line and paired it with my BPS Bionic Blade 7’ heavy fast action rod with the idea that I could throw some heavier lures like the Storm swim baits I picked up for a reasonable price.

I also brought my Abu Garcia Silver Max paired with my shorter BPS Tourney Special 6’ 6” medium power moderate action rod.

What you didn’t see in the video was that I was using dual lock snaps to make lure changes quicker. Well after having a break off on a cast of a nice jig, I decided to just start to tie off my lures. In fact I even left off the leader on my braid and found it made no difference.

I spent more time with soft plastics this trip and tried to stay away from the hard lures. I knew the suspending jerk baits attracted the pickerel like mad and I was interested in seeing if some of my soft lures would do the trick. You’ll see that I met with great success.

I also learned a lot about hook selection with larger lures, especially the soft plastics. In fact I’m going to do another video with what I found about the misses and hits on a very large soft plastic.

Finally, I’m learning that I need to move a bit more when the bite isn’t there. While persistence paid off in the big bass I landed, I’m wondering if I would have found more success elsewhere.

I’m also learning that I need a few more GoPro batteries if I want to record more than 4-5 hours. I have three now and think I need at least two more.

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