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Almost SHOT While Catching My PB Largemouth Bass!

Well, I had the best fishing day and one of the scariest fishing days, we almost got shot while targeting our PB largemouth bass. We put in and right off the bat started catching 6lb bass, it was literally one after another. After a while we heard gun shots, that is pretty typical in rural areas, so we really didn’t think much about it. Twenty minutes in we started hearing ricocheting bullets, which got our attention a little bit. The bite slowed down so I shut the cameras down like I typically do to conserve battery, sure enough. It wasn’t ten minutes later and two bullets went right over our heads. You want to talk about a scary situation, we immediately ducked low in the boat and got as close to the bank as possible. Tom was heated and rightfully so; I just wanted to find the source before one of us was accidently killed.

There are homes in the directions that these guys were shooting so they definitely aren’t very good with firearm safety. After speaking to some neighbors on the hill we found the culprits off camera and threatened to call the law. Thankfully they quit shooting and we were able to presume our search for a giant, it took a minute to get back in a rhythm but sure enough we did and I was rewarded with the largest bass of my life. If you enjoyed the video, please like, share and comment.

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University of Auburn Bass Team in Action Lake Pickwick 2017

On water action from Auburn University Bass team during the 2017 BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship presented by Cabela’s on Lake Pickwick

The Cabela’s Collegiate Bass Fishing Series is the largest collegiate bass fishing series in the nation. The series is operated by the Association of Collegiate Anglers, which is an organization designed to provide long-term sustained growth within collegiate angling through assistance with forming institutionally recognized clubs, serving as a sanctioning body and resource for clubs, and providing a unified voice for collegiate anglers. The Association of Collegiate Anglers also provides benefits for school clubs including liability insurance, discount purchase programs, no entry fee tournament opportunities, media exposure, and much more!

In addition to holding the largest events in college fishing the staff of the series works with college anglers to start their own events, learn more about the fishing industry, receive discounts from numerous companies and more.

The Collegiate Bass Fishing series helps college students nationwide create fishing clubs, host fishing events, compete on a nationally televised stage as well as work with numerous companies nationwide. Starting with the very first collegiate bass fishing national championship ever held on Lake Lewisville a decade ago to events now held nationwide, this series has been key in growing college fishing at numerous levels. is the website where you can find all things college bass fishing as well as get up to date results on bass fishing events and learn more about the sport of collegiate bass fishing. Interested in more Collegiate Bass Fishing? Check us out on the web to learn more