Noisy Topwater Lure Test

Trying out a new topwater lure here in my buddy’s pond. I tried the Jackall Pompadour last year and liked the actions but didn’t get many bites because it was a little too big for most lakes. The new Pompadour Jr. is a much better size for bass fishing. A start and stop retrieve does well like most other topwater baits. The noise is crazy! I could list to a bass hitting the bait all day long! I think it swims like michael phelps, but buddy says, who’s that? LOL

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Lipless Crankbaits: Year Round Tips To Catch Bigger Bass!

Lipless crankbaits are awesome fish catchers! Most bass fishing anglers use them as a seasonal bait but the lipless crankbait can be fished all year long.

In this video we break down two very different approaches to fishing lipless cranks. The slow, methodical approach can produce GIANT bites while the fast-burning approach covers water and locates aggressive fish.

The Baits…

Lucky Craft LV-500:
Strike King Red Eye Shad:
Strike King Red Eye Shad (Silent):
Strike King Red Eye Shad (Tungsten):
Lucky Craft LVR D15: Discontinued
Damiki Tremor 65:
Damiki Tremor 80:
Bill Lewis Rat L Trap:
River2Sea Ruckus:
Cotton Cordell Spot:
Raid Level Vibe:
Raid Level Vibe Big:
Megabass Vibration X:
Evergreen ZE Lipless:

Hooks and Rings…
Gamakatsu EWG Treble (Size 4):
Owner 3x Treble (Size 4):
Owner Hyper Wire Split Rings (Size 2 and 3):

Best Rod/Reel Combo for the technique…
Rod- Loomis E6X CBR 845:
Reel- Shimano Curado 70 (7:1):
Line- 30 lb Sufix 832 Braided Line:
Leader- 15 lb Maxima Ultragreen:
Alternative Line- Seaguar AbrazX 15 lb:

Entry Level/All-Around Combo…
Rod- Dobyns 7′ Med/Hvy Fury Crank:
Reel- Shimano Caenan 150:
Line- 30 lb Power Pro Braided Line:
Leader- 15 lb Maxima Ultragreen:

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Lipless Crankbait Tips:
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Favorite Split Ring Pliers:
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First tournament of the 2019, Mr Bass of Arkansas Tournament Trail- Lake Ouachita

The 2019 Mr Bass of Arkansas tournament on Lake Ouachita set up as a tough event. Saturday morning was in the 50s but by Saturday afternoon it was snowing. Sunday morning was cold with clear bluebird sky’s. A lot of the fish had lock jaw. 14 of 74 Pros blanked as well as 34 of 71 Co-Anglers blanked. I was able to get 1. If you would like to see the catch as it was live streamed I posted the link on my facebook page. Thank you for watching.

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Pre Spawn Smallmouth Bass Fishing with Swimbaits

I’m selling bass fishing apparel! You can find everything on my own store on Teespring here:

I recently made a trip to the lakes region of NH and hit up my favorite lake in the state, Newfound Lake, for what I hoped to be an excellent day of shallow water, prespawn smallmouth fishing. It turned out to be one of the best days of fishing for smallmouth I’ve ever had. Enjoy!

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How to Catch Giant Bass on the Alabama Rig

This video is an in depth review on how to fish Alabama or Umbrella Rigs. I break down which type of jig head and hook you should use in each scenario as well as show tips on swimbait setups. Then we head out to the lake to show you a count down technique I use to get the rig directly over a school of bass. Last but not least….the Bama Rig Double Up!

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