Bass Fishing Coleto Creek in Texas

Coleto Creek is a great body of water near Victoria, Texas and in this clip Fishing and Hunting Texas hits the water to see what he can share with you on how to catch bass on Coleto Creek.

For year’s Fishing and Hunting Texas has provided viewers with a mix of fishing and hunting action from across the state of Texas. The program is hosted by one of Texas best known outdoors men Clark Wendlandt. Clark is a well known touring bass professional and life long hunter who brings professional talent as well as excitement from locations around the lonestar state.

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HUGE SWIMBAIT vs small SWIM BAIT!! Bass Fishing Challenge!! – GIANT BASS

Fishing with a HUGE swimbait and competing against a small swimbait for GIANT largemouth bass! This is a HUGE savage gear swimbait vs am smaller bull bay shad. There have been a lot of big bass caught on big swimbaits but will a big bass choose a big swimbait or a smaller fish imitator?

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Padde-Tail Swimbaits for Giant Mille Lacs Smallmouth Bass!

FLW Tour Pro Josh Douglas demonstrates how to utilize small swimbaits to catch smallmouth, largemouth and spotted bass. He credits the Outkast Tackle Goldeneye Swimmerhead for his success as the deign of the swimsuit head itself, gives him advantages other jig heads don’t. Complete video with techniques, setups and of course, BIG BASS!