German World War Two Machine Guns in Action

What would it be like to try and attempt to shoot historical small arms in some of the ways that they were actually used in the past? We try and do that in this episode with German small arms in a small team setting, assaulting an objective across open terrain using a base of fire complimented by fire and maneuver. We were able to get access to fully automatic machine guns such as the MG42 and MG34, in addition to the MP40 submachine gun and landmark STG44 rifle. Of course we also had on hand Mauser K98s that complimented the historical firepower. There was a G43 that was on hand but the rifle suffered some malfunctions that didn’t allow us to use it in the live fire.

What did we learn though? We found out that the K98s became extremely hot in a short period of time while rapid firing. We learned how to properly handle open bolt submachine guns and some of the intricacies that require a user to “Lock, Look, (Un)Load” before using them. Of course, the STG44 most likely carried the day with its historic contribution to the dawn of modern service rifles and was envied by all. The MG42 was indeed impressive but with the ammunition we were using, it was very difficult to get it running.

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Massive Megalodon! – Feed and Grow Fish Gameplay – Feed and Grow Update

Welcome back to Feed and Grow Fish! Feed and Grow Fish is a fish eating simulator where you eat smaller fish to grow larger and larger. ► Join Blitz on Discord: ► Watch the Let’s Play Feed and Grow Fish:

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Feed & Grow: Fish Gameplay Overview:

Eat or be eaten. Feed and Grow Fish is an animal survival game where fish eat, grow, and climb the food chain while avoiding being eaten.

In this video, we become a giant Megalodon Shark and swim around as king of the ocean. Being at the top of the food chain still has it’s challenges though, OTHER GREAT WHITE SHARKS!!

Today we play with the killer whale and use it to do killer whale attack! Eat the sperm whale! Killer whales are also called Orcas and they attack in orca pods.

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2018 FLW Bass Fishing National Championship Yeti College Series – Caught a Gator!

The 2018 FLW National Championship is an event that I will never forget. My goal coming into the OSU bass team was that I would qualify by the time I graduated and it was mission accomplished! It didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to but it was an honor to get to fish it. Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe for more fishing content.

Videographer: Alex Roahrig @Curlyybadger
Edited by: Jacob Jesionek @jacobjesionek16

Camera Used: Sony A6000, GoPro Hero 4 Silver, Hero 4 Session
Drone: DJI Spark
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro
GoPro Mic: Saramonic SR-GMX1
Sony A6000 Mic: Sony ECMGZ1M
Music: Sorrow by Sappheiros
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0

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Who don’t enjoy top water Bass fishing nothing lie a fish hitting a lure from the underside today we highlight D&M Custom Baits ‘Double Hammer’ Buzz Baits , these Lures seem to glide on the surface like no other Buzz Bait … w/ their double blades to us their four wheel drive of the Buzz Baits lol .With so much water displacement it’s bound to get a fishes attention . The Black Bass tore the ‘Double Hammer’s’ up . Lots of top water action… means lots of fun ! on the Calif.Delta


Catching big bass in Murky Water

Extreme Angler TV- Season 8- How do you like fishing for bass in muddy or off-colored water? In this season 8 episode, Karl is fishing a typical cottage lake in Muskoka after a lengthy rain spell which has turned the water color from green to a light chocolate milk tone. Karl decides to add some noise to his presentation and starts catching some nice bass, both green and brown.