These fish are AWSOME

this is a creek fishing challenge video i recorded a while back of me and my buddies fishing a tiny creek. i never got to catch that smallmouth bass i wanted but you just never know what your going to get when fishing a small stream. but anyways it was a very great day for some fishing. sorry for the short video, more to come shortly. be sure to subscribe to the point fishing and be sure to drop a like.

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but in Mystery Tackle Boxes you can get some awesome lures such as:
Rat lure – topwater
Jig – sub surface lure
drop shot hooks
drop shot weights
Drop baits
MTB or Catch Co is a cool subscription based company that sends you baits to your door every month. you will get baits,

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gear used
GoPro used:

reel I use and love (new version)-

rod&reel combo(I use for bass and bluegill)-

dropshot style hooks I use for bass and bluegill (super cheap and great)-

bobber (fantastic to see in the dark)-

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lures mtb vs ltb bassing


Second Chance! Hog Largemouth Bass Caught On Bull Shoals, Catch Only, short version

Every once in a while, you see a big fish but for whatever reason can’t make it ‘bite’! This short video proves that it does pay to go back and try and catch it, ‘again’! Subscribe if you like videos from regular bass fishermen, not hype or childs dreams, but just ‘old school bassers’ catching bass!


LEGO Modern Outdoor Furniture – Tutorial

In this easy step-by-step tutorial, I will be teaching you how to make this simple LEGO outdoor furniture. The furniture items include a 2-seater bench and a coffee table. If you would like to support me, you could always like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to stay tune for more.

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