Bass Fishing Lures Giveaway! Announcing Our ’10 Days of Lures’ Giveaways

Bassin Fools on Youtube and Largemouth Bass Nation dot com and on Facebook Announce Our February 2017 ’10 Days of Lures’ Giveaway!!
Begins February 7th, 2017. Must Sign Up here, and Subscribe to Bassin Fools here, or Like our Facebook page ‘/Largemouth Bass Nation” OR Both! One winner drawn from each days entries at 9pm CST for that day. Enter Daily, 1 Winner each day so Enter Every Day.

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We are shooting for 15,000 Facebook likes on LargemouthBassNation Facebook page and 1000 Subscribers on our Bassin Fools Youtube channel.

So, sign up at the link above, then either or both ‘like our Facebook page’ or our Bassin Fools Youtube channel and you’re entered. Then, Like or Comment or Share each day and you’ll be eligible to win every day!!

Here’s a sample of some of the lures we are going to be giving away.

Heddon Super Spook Jr.
Rebel Pop-R P60 ‘Foxy’
Lippless Crank Baits
Deep Diving Crankbaits
Jerkbaits n Stickbaits
Hair Jigs for Bass

Brands may vary from above as might color!


underwater video of largemouth bass nesting and guarding eggs and fry

Largemouth bass nesting in flooded vegetation with the males guarding eggs and fry.
Most people think of bass spawning in a fanned out saucer shaped nest, but they’re also able to skip nest construction and spawn directly on vegetation if conditions are right.

Some of the suspended particles are actually zooplankton (animal plankton) and if you look closely you may be able to see them darting around. Zooplankton are the primary food source for many juvenile fish including largemouth bass fry.