Big Almost 6 Pound Bass at LOZ, USA Bassin Regional, Sept 24th,2017

This was a 5.88 lb largemouth I caught the 2nd day of the USA Bassin regionals at Lake of the Ozarks in September of 2017! Sadly enough, the guy weighing it rushed me over to the check in table and when I turned around it was showing as 4.93 on his scale. I know now by talking with others that this was common practice by the people who direct the regionals up there. I should have immediately requested a re-weigh but I didn’t even though my scale had new batteries and I always test it against the grocery store certified scales every few weeks. It has always weighed 5-8 % light!
So I have no doubt that that near 23 inch largemouth weighed 6 plus! I was one of the last 3-4 boats weighed in and was surprised when the ‘last’ boat’ weighed in a 5.22 and was awarded the $310 check. They were ‘friends’ of the directors and fished the LOZ divisions run by this same bunch. In seeing the so called winning fish, and it obviously was an inch or two shorter, I knew then we had been screwed. I no longer will fish the LOZ or state regionals that these 2 characters are directors for. I’m purposely not mentioning any names here, as You Know Who You are and one of these days USA Bassin will get wise and have other people put on their regionals!! Now I know why he wanted me to rush over and turn my back to the scales, so he could cheat for his buddies!


Fishing Report Carbon Canyon Fish Stocking (11/19/17) | ReCast Fishing SoCal

This episode of Re:Cast fishing in SoCal we get a report saying that OC lakes are stocking fish! So we pack up head over to see what we could catch! Are we gonna get some trout? Bass? Only way to find out is watch!
Re:Cast Fishing in SoCal
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Another SoCal adventure with Jon, Greg and Moy as they discover more ways to enjoy fishing in different places in Southern California.

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Topwater Bass Fishing Buyers Guide

Frog Fishing, Poppers, Buzzbaits, Walking Baits, and the Whopper Plopper! We cover all the best baits to help you catch more topwater fish this coming year!
With Christmas just around the corner, the Holiday Buyer’s Guide continues with this installment on Topwater Baits for Bass.

Below is a breakdown of the baits discussed in the video with direct links to see them on Tackle Warehouse. We have even including rod recommendations for the baits.

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SnagProof Bobby’s Perfect Frog:


Rio Rico:
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R2S Bubble Walker:

Walking Baits:

Heddon Super Spook:
River2Sea Rover:
Lucky Craft Sammy:
River2Sea Bubble Walker:

Straight Retrieve Baits:

Whopper Plopper 130:
Dirty Jigs Canterbury Pro Buzz:
Head Knocker Buzzbait:
Double Buzzbait:

Tim’s Favorite Large Topwater Setup…
Rod: 784-
Reel: Curado 200I-

Matt’s Favorite Frog Setup…
Rod: Champion 736C-
Reel: Curado 200I-
Line: 65 lb Sufix 832-

Tim’s Favorite Finesse Topwater Setup…
Rod: 6′ 10″ Medium-
Reel: Curado 70-
Line: 20 lb MaxCuattro-

Matt’s Favorite Finesse Topwater Setup…
Rod: 7’2″ Medium –
Reel: Curado 70-
Line: 15 lb Sufix-

Topwater Bass Fishing is one of the most exciting ways to catch big bass. There is just something about those slow motion topwater blow ups that stick with you all through the cold Winter months. We reply those topwater strikes over and over again waiting for summer to return!

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Fishing Frogs and Senkos for HUGE Bass!!!

One of the greatest days of bass fishing yet this year! my buddy Jake and I hit up a local lake in Nebraska and CRUSHED the largemouth! Jake even broke his PB! Such a great time catching bass on lakes I grew up fishing! I hope you all enjoy!

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Water Temperature: 68
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Wind: 5-10mph
Air Temperature: 75
Water Depth: 2-3ft


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USA BASSIN Regionals at Pomme de Terre lake, October 21st Randy Yancey

My partner Alan Yancey (my brother) and I decided to fish the USA Bassin Regional tournament at Pomme de Terre this weekend (October 21st). We pre fished a little Friday afternoon (noon to 530) and caught only 7 fish. Totals 5 Keepers, but nothing over 2 lbs, a dink 6 incher and a 22 inch 4-5 pound walleye. (it was ‘lucky’, as we already had supper plans so released it. lol)

It was windy, and a high sky pre frontal day as Saturday’s weather was predicted to be cooler, with mostly high skies and wind. Water clarity from 1.5 to 2.0 feet, and the lake was down about a foot since I last fished it in September.

We started the day fishing main lake points, and had 3 smallish keepers in the box by 7:45 am. So, we left the Decker arm area, and headed southwest down the west arm of the lake, thinking we’d go way south of Lightfoot ramp, where I’d caught a decent 2 lbr the day before. We continued to fish the only ‘pattern’ we found which produced fish, fishing main and secondary wind blown points, especially the ‘down wind’ sides.!

final score, Randy 3 keepers, probably 4.5 lbs of the 7.60 total. Alan, had 3 keepers also! Only 2 non-keepers caught total. I did catch our biggest fish, within 20 minutes of weigh in. A 2.37 lb long but skinny largemouth caught on a an old favorite lure of mine. a 3/8 oz, chart/white lipless crankbait I bought for 2.77 at the BPS outlet store in Springfield, Caught many 3,4,5+ pound largemouth on this lure but had quit throwing it back in 2016. I told Alan, when I tied it on at about 2:30 pm, that I’d never failed to catch a keeper on this, so I might as well throw it. Wham, third cast, and that last and biggest keeper was in the boat. Pulled up trolling motor and got back to Hermitage ramp at 253 pm.

Out of 28 boats there were 3 boats that blanked, 4 boats with 1 fish totals, 2 had 2-3 fish and we were one of about 15 teams that weighed in a limit.
Finished 18th with 7.60 lbs but 1 2.4 lb additional fish would have landed us in 3rd over-all. So, 19 of top 20 boats caught between 7 and 9.9 lbs. As a whole, lots of limits but most were very small fish for fall fishing on Pomme de Terre lake.

Come fish with us at Table Rock lake in our USA Bassin Table Rock Fall Division that I’m the director for. Begins November 11th.and continues almost every weekend, with the last one at Cape Fair, on December 16th!
Go to this link to check out details of the ‘Table Rock Fall division of USA Bassin National Tournament Trail!