Traverse City smallmouth bass fishing by sight

Traverse City smallmouth bass fishing with Sport Fish Michigan. We used a unique style called sight fishing where we found male smallmouth bass in crystal clear Long Lake guarding the eggs in a gravel bed and then cast a lure right in the bed. They would strike to protect the eggs. This is purely catch and release due to the need to keep the males in their role protecting the eggs.


Smallmouth Bass Fishing Experience on Sturgeon Bay

I finally got the chance to head up and catch some of those big brown giants in the great lakes. I sit down and talk about the experience. Hope everyone can do this some day!

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Late Summer Bass Fishing Report on Stockton Lake Missouri

Normally, if you don’t know, Stockton Lake in the summer is….Windy!
Not Saturday September 15th! Was in the high 80’s with high humidity, and NO WIND!. I managed just 6-7 bass and this video is one I caught in the afternoon in 14′ of water with a #MegaChompLures ‘Chubby Bug’ skirted bullet weight in PBJ with a 4 tail, PBJ Yum craw dipped in Garlic Orange dip!
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Almost 6 Pound Largemouth Bass at Lake of the Ozarks, Big Jump!

Last hour of a USA Bassin regional at Lake of the Ozarks when I pulled up to a bank with an underwater tree just below the surface and threw an Arkie 350 crankbait in wht/black splatterback. Wham, coming from the side of the tree a near 6lb largemouth explodes out of the water with the crankbait choked in it’s mouth! Watch this short video from cast to catch! Be sure and subscribe for entrance in our ‘Year of Lures’ 2018-19 giveaway. Giving away a Mega Chomp Lure Co lure for every 100 new subscribers For A Year!


Catching Big Bass, Cast to Catch, 6 to 8 Pounds, Tournaments Fall 2018

Fish affordable Team bass tourneys on Table Rock this fall! (2018).
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