Really REALLY Awesome Lure to Catch BIG BASS!!!

Fishing small swimbaits is something that Ott Defoe has employed for years because it’s a great fish catching technique. They are really, really good all across the country at catching bass. Whether he’s hunting river monster smallmouth or shallow cover largemouth. You can use them to catch big fish or to catch numbers of fish. Ott doesn’t think it’s considered “small” unless it’s less than 4 inches and anything over 5 or 5 1/2 inches he considers big. There are several ways to rig a swimbait and in the full video at you will learn how to rig swimbaits. Also, in this preview video on how to fish swimbaits, learn about selecting the right color. There are times that you need to be throwing green pumpkin!

What questions will be answered if I signup for Bass University TV and watch this instruction video?
– How do I rig a swimbait (on a jighead, belly weight and other ways)?
– When should I fish a small swimbait?
– How do I fish a swimbait for bass?

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Stockton Lake MO; Bass Fishing Report, August 12th

Hi, This is Randy Yancey with Largemouth Bass Nation & Bassin Fools on Youtube! Have a club tourney on Stockton this Saturday so decided to take a few hours and pre-fish yesterday! Water temp 76-78, water slightly stained with winds out of the NNE of 4-7 mph. Caught a couple keeper smallies and one short from 130 to 6pm or so. Both keepers caught on a Rapala crankbait in Chart/Blue color.
Be careful of the shallow areas of the flat points on the non channel side as the water is 3-4 feet low still. About lost a lower unit out of Mutton Creek! Good fishing to all!!


Weekly Tuesday Evening Bass Fishing Tournament On The Ohio River 6/5/18 – The Outdoorsmen

Finally getting back on track with filming and editing the episodes! Andrew fished one of the local weekly tournaments that takes place on the Ohio the other day and here it is! Hope you all enjoy!







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Hydrowave Largemouth Bass Figure 8 Big Bass Dreams

Using Hydrowave technology the past year has opened my eyes into how powerful this system can be and the way it effects fish behavior. I’ve seen things I’ve never seen in my previous 22 years of bass fishing from these fish with a Hydrowave on… enjoy the video! Filmed on a public lake that receives quite a bit of pressure. Lure is an 11 inch Hinkle Trout swimbait. #BigBassDreams

Hydrowave H2 available here –