Summertime Bass Fishing with Randy Yancey, Stockton Lake August 24th video

Caught a nice almost 17 inch largemouth when bass fishing at Stockton Lake in southwest Missouri. Good day for crankbaits! Caught it on a Rapala DT 6 in Bleeding Olive Shad pattern!
Fished from 2 pm to 5:30 pm as was there to check out if my big motor was running properly.
First time in my new (99) tow vehicle, my Z71 pulled my Javelin 17′ 8″ like it wasn’t back there!
Caught one more non-keeper and a beautiful 10″ bluegill!
Was a beautiful summer day with highs in the low 80’s. Water temp at State Park was a cooler, 79-80 degrees and the water clarity due to rains the day before was only 1-2 feet. If you know Stockton, that’s stained. Stockton, in southwest Missouri is a pretty clear lake , normally. After the flooding in late April, it was 2-3 months getting back close to normal pool. It was almost 20′ over in mid-May.
I actually fished for about 2 hours, spent the rest of the time running figure 8’s in Hartley just trying to see if my Evinrude was running right as it hadn’t been last tournament.
Go Fishing, it was so peaceful! Saw a Bald Eagle flying and gave me a great appreciation in living in southwest Missouri within the Greatest Country on the planet, the United States of America!


2017 FLW TV | T-H Marine BFL All-American | Pickwick Lake

Only the best of the best weekend anglers qualify to fish in the T-H Marine FLW Bass Fishing League All-American. The annual championship features a stacked field – true hammers – of the nation’s best, which usually sets up a closely contested tournament. But not this year.

Winning Story:

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Top 5 Fall Baits to Catch Bigger Bass

Fall is a great time to catch giant bass! From topwater to jigs and cranks, learn about the best baits to use so you can catch those big bass while they are feeding.

The baits shown in this video are…

LV-500 Lipless Crankbait:
Dirty Jigs Football Jig:
DD22 Crankbait:
Heddon Super Spook:
River2Sea S-Waver 168:

Matt And Tim break down the best baits you can throw to maximize your bass fishing time on the water. Many fisherman waste a lot of time while Fall fishing by focusing on single fish instead of schooling bass.

The key is to use fast moving baits like these Top 5 lures to quickly locate bass. Once located you can slow down and capitalize on the school.

While crankbaits can be the most effective way to quickly locate bass, the topwater bite is hard to resist so baits like the heddon Super Spook or River2Sea Rover are a great option as well!

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Tri County Bass Club Pomme de Terre Randy Yancey Bass Angler

Always enjoy fishing on Pomme de Terre! From May 2014 to July 2017, was my home lake as I had an rv at Goody’s resort and during the spring through fall summer months, I fished it at least 1-3 times per week. When you fish your home lake it seems you always know where the fish are! Seems tho that this fall, having fished more on LOTO and Table Rock, I can’t seem to find the quality fish like in years past! After watching this short video, go here….. to see 1 of 4 keepers caught in 2.5 hours, fishing from 12:30 to 3:00 pm on Halloween day!


How to Catch BIG Bass – Bass Fishing Tips

In this video I go over how to catch the bass of a lifetime. Catching a big bass is every anglers dream. If can often be frustrating to get the big girls to bite. Catching a big bass is all about location and presentation. Throughout the year bass move from shallow water in the spring to deep creek channels in the summer. It is important to follow these bass on their movement to improve your odds of catching one! Follow along in this video and take some notes on how I target GIANT bass! This video was part of an hour long seminar I did at the River City Fishing Expo.

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Cape Fair Crankbait Fishing, October 5th Bass Fishing

Went to Cape Fair area on Table Rock Thursday to throw some crankbaits and try and catch some fish on my 90mm Whopper Plopper! Water temp still in the mid 70’s and so was the air temp.
Found quite a few shad balls in the far back of Wooley Creek and had a good time catching 5-6 Kentucky bass, all short of the 15″ length limit on Table Rock. Had a good time, and caught a couple of fish on the Plopper, one in particular was exciting. The 14″ Kentucky bass hit it right when I was pulling it up to the front cormer of the dock he was laying under.!
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As usual, thanks for watching. Randy Yancey Angler!