Watch as we Catch 3 Big Bass 6-8 pounds, Bass Fishing Pomme de Terre,

I decided to make a highlight from many of the big bass I’ve caught on Pomme de Terre lake in southwest Missouri. Many people believe that all you can catch on Pomme are crappie and muskie! Though I’ve caught a few of both, I’m a life long hunter of big bass! This video highlights 3 or 4 of the biggest bass I’ve caught on Pomme de Terre in the past 2 years. There is some footage of catching bass either during the USA Bassin Divisional and Regional tournaments and pre fishing for them or fishing TriCounty Bass Club out of St Roberts! This video includes a 6.5+ lbr, a 7.2 lbr and a near 8 lbr caught on this ‘muskie’ lake in southwest Missouri!


Big Bass Destroys Top Water Frog

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There is nothing quite like the moment when you bait gets destroyed on the water’s surface, but when you witness an explosion like this and seIn this short but exciting Fishing Video, Jeff, the inventor of the Ultraskiff 360 watercraft, caught his personal best Top-water Bait Large mouth Bass on a Spro Black colored Frog. The main reason this catch and release is on it’s own video is that the footage turned out Top Notch.e large reams of water flying out into the air you know it’s not a small fish. The angle of the Camera Stand sitting behind him that was able to capture the explosion in stunning detail amidst the fishing platform surrounded by green Lily Pads. Add a little slow motion and a nice underwater release and you have a video sequence worthy of its own Video. The Bass weighed in at 6.5 Lbs and was released healthy. Thanks for watching!

The Ultraskiff 360 is a patented design of fishing platform and round boat. For a lot of people the Ultraskiff has become a excellent solo one man skiff alternative to kayak fishing, duck boats, pond boats, jon boats, drift boats, solo micro skiffs, pontoon boats, float tubes or SUP’s. These portable platforms are great for Bass Fishing, Flats Fishing, Fly Fishing, Duck Hunting or Pleasure Boating.

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