College B.A.S.S National Championship

The ECU Bass Fishing team had two teams qualify for the College Fishing National Championship held on Chatuge Reservoir in Young Harris, Ga. One of the Pirate teams finished 26th and the other 56th. It was a struggle to find the fish that we needed but we represented ECU in the best way. Had a great fan base turnout. It was an awesome week and I cant wait to try and qualify again next year. We want to thank our sponsors for all their help. Go and check out their products.

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Terminator Buzzbait Fishing – Big Bass Caught on Topwater Buzzbaits

Lure: Terminator Buzzbait
Rod: 7′ St. Croix Avid
Reel: Lews Tournament MB
Line: Stren 17 lb. mono
Trailer Hook: 1/0 Gamakatsu

As the Fall approaches, the baitfish will begin schooling up and moving to shallow water and the backs of creeks. The Terminator Buzzbait is a great lure that covers alot of water and imitates bait feeding on the surface. Be sure to use a trailer hook to help out with those short strikes. I added some buzzbait tips at the end of the video.

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Catching Big Bass On Swimbaits: How Fast Should You Reel?

I recently watch an Elite Pro talking about clear water fishing and mentioned swimbaits. He said if the water is clear that you want to fish your bait faster so the fish do not get as good of look at it, just like they do with spinnerbaits….NOT SO! In this video I will prove to you the a SPRO BBZ-1 6″ swimbait looks so good that you can just let it sit there and the big ones will bite.



Full Tournament video with every fish catch in route to winning the $125,000 FLW Tour bass tournament. I hope this video will show how to be more successful when you fish. Big smallmouth, Big largemouth, and Spotted Bass on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky.

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Okuma TCS 7.11XH Mat Daddy Rod:
Okuma TCS 7.3H Frog Swimbaits Rod:
Okuma TCS 7.0H Worm/Jigging Rod:

Steinhauser Scott Martin Travel Combo: Find them at your nearest Walmart

P-Line Tactical:
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My ‘Junk’ tactics for more Largemouth Bass- ‘UNLEASHED’

Here`s my ‘junk’ tactics for catching more and bigger, largemouth bass on shorelines by ‘junk fishing’. This is how I do it and how I catch HUGE bass every year doing it.

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How to Fish Tubes for Big Bass – Ike Summer Fishing Tips

Watch this entire summer bass fishing instructional video for FREE! Limited time 30-day full preview at Learn about snapping a tube bait and generating reaction strikes from Mike Iaconelli, or watch one of our other 270+ bass fishing videos. You’ll learn how to catch more and bigger bass the fastest way possible, directly from professional tournament anglers with decades of experience and knowledge about fishing for bass. Learn the secret tips and tactics, but hurry, offer ends soon.

In this video, Iaconelli is sharing how to catch bass with a finesse technique called “snapping a tube”. You can use this tactic for catching smallmouth, but it’s also great for largemouth and spotted bass. How do you catch bass when they’re not hungry? This finesse technique looks so natural, it will create reaction strikes that stroking a jig might not elicit, particularly in clear water, or pressured fishing situations.

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BEST Crystal Clear UNDERWATER Bass Fishing Footage EVER!!

You’ve never seen footage like this before! GIANT bass smashing topwater baits from below! Whopper Plopper , Walking baits , Poppers, all getting destroyed by big bass! Remember you saw it here first!

If you’ve been watching our recent videos you already know how much amazing information can be gleaned from watching bass in their natural surroundings. This video takes it to a whole different level! We all love topwater, we all love bass fishing, this is the best of both worlds!

Baits Shown In The Video…

Whopper Plopper 110 and 130:
River2Sea Rover:
Bubble Walker Popper:
Reaction Innovations Vixen:
Strike King Sexy Dawg:

Preferred topwater colors… Ghost Minnow, Monkey Butt, Chartreuse Shad, Bluegill, Chartreuse Shiner, Sooner.

Hook and Ring Upgrades…
Owner St-36 standard replacement Hook:
Owner St-56 Stronger Hook 3X replacement:
Hyperwire Split Rings Size 3 or 4:

-Whopper Plopper 130 replace hooks with Size 1 ST-56
-Whopper Plopper 110 replace hooks with Size 2 ST-56
-Walking baits replace hooks with Size 4 ST-56 or 36
-Bubble Walker replace hooks with Size 4 ST-36

Rods to throw these baits…

Whopper Plopper 130/110 Size…
Rod- Zodias 7’6″ Med/Hvy Moderate:
Reel- Curado 200K (7:1 Ratio):
Line- 65 lb Power Pro MaxCuatro:

Our preferred Walking Bait Combo…
Rod- G Loomis GLX 853C:
Reel- Chronarch MGL:
Line- 40 lb Sufix 832:
Leader- Maxima Ultragreen 15 lb:

Are you a high end guy? Here is the combo recently recommended by Eric Cooper in our Walking Baits video…
High-End Combo from our walking bait video …
Rod- Megabass Javelin 7’5″ Destroyer:
Reel- Zillion SVTW1016SH:
Line- Sunline FX2 50 lb:

Are you a budget angler? Here is a great option that will work great with all these baits…
Rod- Dobyns Fury 7’3″ Medium Heavy:
Reel- Shimano Casitas 150:
Line- 50 lb Power Pro Braid:

Best way to store these baits…
Owner Hook Keepers:
Plano Deep Storage Box:

Whopper Plopper Video:
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Equipment We Recommend…

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Tournament Bass Fishing Falls Lake NC ~ Legacy Series Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail

Tournament Bass Fishing Falls Lake NC, Legacy Series Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail (FOMNTT). This tournament is set to give youth an opportunity to catch bass and go fishing while bringing them closer to the glory of god Jesus Christ. There are three tournaments in the North Carolina Central Division of the Fishers of Men Tournament Legacy Series. Going into the last tournament on Falls Lake NC in this series, I was sitting second in points. My partner and I finished first in one of the tournament this season. This set us up for a shootout for the points in the last tournament on Falls Lake. In the Fishers of Men Series there is a devotional and dinner on Friday night and the tournament is on Saturday. They have giveaways for the youth and you draw your boat number for Saturdays tournament. I drew # 3 for the final bass fishing tournament. On Saturday we blast off at 5:30 AM and the weigh in was at 1:00 PM. Check out the video to see how we did. Comment in the comment section what you think of the Fishers of Men Legacy Tournament Series and what you thought of this video.

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Sturgeon Bay Smallmouth Bass Fishing – Door County Wisconsin

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In this video my buddy Ryoji and I head out to Sturgeon Bay looking for some big smallmouth bass. Ryogi and I have had some great fishing days together so of course when I go back home I have to schedule a day or two to fish with him!

We started in Little Sturgeon Bay and worked are way around the area. We hit places like Rileys Bay, Sand Bay, Sawyer Harbor and of course the Sturgeon Bay Flats. Fishing was a bit tough for us but we did manage to catch a few good smallies. The fish were just starting to move up and the next few days would have been epic out here! Lots of good pre spawn fish roaming and plenty of fish up on beds as well. Sturgeon Bay is such a great fishery and has so many fish it is unreal at times.

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Who is SmallmouthCrush?

Travis Manson was born and raised where the giant Smallmouth Bass of the north live…WISCONSIN. He started fishing from the bank at a young age and spent most of his childhood with a rod in his hand. Travis is primarily a self-taught angler that is always learning and experiencing this amazing sport of fishing. He started out fishing for walleyes and fishing in local walleye tournaments, but then in his mid 20’s, he caught the BASS BUG and has been hooked every since. He competed at the highest level in bass fishing on the Bassmaster Elite Series for a number of years. He is a fishing guide offering trips on the Chesapeake Bay for largemouth bass(year round), guided trips for smallmouth back in Wisconsin (during select times) and trophy smallmouth bass guided trips in Upstate New York (May-November) His Youtube Channel is named after his passion for the smallmouth bass and will be used as a platform for “how-to” videos, on the water instruction, crazy on and off the water topics and vlogs on the day in the life of a fishing addict! Hope you enjoy!


Catching BIG Topwater Bass on New Lake (Froggin!)

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Today I set out to do some topwater bass fishing from shore! I went frogging in a new spot and was rewarded with some huge largemouth bass. Not a bad way to start the workweek.

Rod: Shimano Curado Heavy
Reel: Shimano Curado 200XG
Camera: Sony a6300, GoPro Hero 6

Date: August, 2018
Location: Minnesota (Twin Cities)
Species: Largemouth Bass
Bait: Frogs (Topwater)

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Fishing at its Finest!!! Wading for SMALLMOUTH Bass

Continuing my hunt to find some chunk smallies! Before I could start fishing, I had to cross the rapids and navigate some tall log jams, but it was well worth in the end as I managed to find some quality smallmouths bouncing a squarebill crankbait along the rocky bottom!

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Awesome wading shoes:


Rod/Reel/Line/Lures used:

-Strike King KVD Squarebill 1.0 (Neon Bluegill)
-Favorite Summit Rod 6’8″ med/fast (Ad)
-Shimano JDM Aldebaran BFS limited
-Suffix 832 braid (10 lbs)
-Seaguar Tatsu fluorocarbon (12 lbs – leader)

Scale Used: ReelSonar Digital Scale (Ad)


Location: Potomac River – Great Falls, Virginia
Date: September 27th, 2016
Primary Pattern: Targeting deep holes, current breaks, and slow pools
Time Fished: 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Air Temp: 76 degrees
Water Temp: 70 degrees
Water Clarity: 36+ inches
Conditions: Mostly sunny and calm


Camera Gear:

Gopro Hero 4 silver (first person filming)
External audio
Skeleton housing
Chest Mount
Must have GoPro Accessories
MicroSD card
Additional Batteries

Portable Tripod
Camera Bag
Lens Cleaning Kit

Sony a5100 (portable vlogging camera)

Canon 70D (high quality camera)
Canon EF-S Lens
Rode Mic
Gorilla Tripod Mount
MicroSD card

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Pompadour Jr. Bass Fishing – Crazy Topwater Action and Big Blowups

Lure: Jackall Pompadour Jr.
Rod: 7′ St. Croix Avid
Reel: Lews Tournament MB
Line: Stren 17 lb. mono
Replacement Trebles:

The Jackall Pompadour Jr. is hands down the most unique topwater lure I have ever used. It has wings on the side and a propeller on the back. Because it is so noisy, it makes it a perfect choice for windy days because it helps the fish locate it. We have used the Bone, Frog, and Gill Bone colors and they have all caught fish. Another great lure added to our topwater arsenal. Give this vid a thumbs up for almost getting that double!

Camera Gear:
GoPro Hero 4 Silver –
GoPro Hero 5 –
Chest Mount –
External Mic –
GoPro Housing –
Clamp Mount –
Suction Mount –
Micro SD –
Drone –
Zoom Camera for Blowups –
Editing Software –
Charging Station –

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Fisherman’s Heaven — Biggest Bass of My Life

Gear I Used Today..
8lber Rod —
8lber Reel —

Spinning Rod —
Spinning Reel —

Frog Rod —
Frog Reel — Shimano Core 100 MG7 (Discontinued)

–Young Plugg

What I film with…
Drone —
Camera —
Lens —
GoPro —
BIG SHINY Camera —

My Other Gear…
Computer —
Editing software —
Mic —
Camera Case —
Backpack —

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Fishing Bass Tournament In A HIDDEN Lake!!! (Florida)

In this video I fish a bass tournament in a undisclosed location and catch some monster bass! If you want to see more videos like this make sure to hit that like button! New? Subscribe and help me reach 100K Subscribers!!

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Title: Kaleidoscope by Kasbo from Monstercat – Best of Future Bass
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