Yo-Zuri R1107-BN 3DB Prop Topwater Floating Lure, Bone

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A top water lure that commands attention! the only Prop bait on the market that features a polycarbonate ultra Violet rear Prop with counter Cupped blades. This unique top water bait throws water in opposite directions at the same time. This subtle feature sends out a constant splash and vibrations that mimics panicked baitfish. Now available in both 3D finish as well as your favorite painted patterns. All Baits in this Series feature Yo-Zuri’s exclusive wave motion technology that sends vibrations throughout the water column as well as our exclusive internal Prism 3D finish.New painted finishes
Clear Polycarbonate Prop blade
Great early morning, late evening or cloudy Day bass bait

Largemouth Bass Fish Wallplate Decorative Light Switch Plate Cover (1 Gang – …

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New polycarbonate wallplates with hardware included. Can be wiped clean with a soft damp cloth. Great addition and nice finishing touch to any room!Shipping is per ORDER, not per item
Screws are integrated into the design so they virtually disappear
White polycarbonate wallplate
Easy and fast installation
Adds a nice finishing touch to any room

Bass Fishing: A Guide to Mastering Freshwater Bass Fishing Techniques

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Bass are the most popular game fish for sport fishermen in the United States. Nearly everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the sport within a reasonable distance from their own home. In this book, we guide you through the best ways to find and pursue bass along with the equipment , lures, baits, and techniques to master catching them on a consistent basis. Inside, you’ll find:

-Boat selection
-Gear and accessories
-Rod selection
-Lure types and techniques
-Adapting presentations for different conditions
-Knowing and going to where the fish are
-Best lure colors
-Catch, photo, and release principles

-How to make your own lures

And links to more resources and videos included.

Alabama Bass Fishing – Good Places to Catch Bass in Alabama

Alabama Bass Fishing is some of the best in the nation. Anglers love the challenge of reeling in this crafty fish as it can put up an amazing fight. Bass fishing in Alabama provides excitement, fun and relaxation in the beautiful outdoors where you can enjoy nature at its finest.

You will find several species of bass in Alabama such as the largemouth, smallmouth, shoay, spotted and redeye bass. The largemouth bass can grow very large in the moderate temperatures that are found here and this is one of the main reasons why the official Alabama state fish is the largemouth bass. The stripped bass grow to some incredible sizes as well.

Some of the nation’s finest professional anglers such as Tim Horton and Jerry Crook spend a lot of time as guides on a couple of these lakes. The state record for the smallmouth bass was caught at Wheeler Dam and Mountain View Lake is where the record for the largemouth bass was caught.

Best Places to go Bass Fishing in Alabama

One reason that bass fishing in Alabama is so popular is because you can find this species of fish in just about every lake in the state. Therefore, no matter where you are located you can find some great bass fishing locations.

Here is a list of some of the best places to go bass fishing in Alabama:

Wheeler Lake
Lake Harding
Wilson Lake
Lake Martin
Lake Jordan
Madison County Lake
Pickwick Lake
DeKalb County Lake
Lake Eufaula
Lake Guntersville
Lake Woodruff
Lake Weiss
Harris Lake

There are still many other Lakes, ponds, creeks and rivers located in Alabama where you can find a variety of bass so, if you are not near one of these locations don’t worry.

Most Popular Techniques Used

Every experienced angler has certain techniques they use for each different species they go after. Still, it never hurts to try something new from time to time. Here you will find some of the most popular techniques used for bass fishing that you can give a try the next time you venture out on a fishing trip.

Bass located in the Alabama area are very aggressive feeders. When they see their favorite food they will usually go after it and most of the time a bass will try to eat anything that will fit in their mouth. Many times you can entice them to go after bait even when they are not particularly hungry. Bass are considered a territorial species which means they have a history of automatically striking at anything that invades their space.

Source by Daniel Eggertsen

Fishing Tackle Review: Daiwa Crossfire 3050X Spinning Reel

As an avid fisherman, I’m always looking for new gear that will help me land those large, hard-fighting fish. Like many anglers, I recognise the importance of having the right fishing tackle close at hand, ready for use at a moment’s notice. Well, I’ve discovered a spinning reel from Daiwa that would make a great addition to anyone’s tackle box. Read on to learn a few important details you’ll find on the Daiwa Crossfire 3050X spinning reel.

About the Daiwa Crossfire 3050X Spinning Reel

For a budget priced reel, this Daiwa Crossfire model has features you’d normally find in a much more expensive reel. Don’t be deceived by its £29.99 price tag: the Crossfire 3050X will deliver a strong, powerful crank rate of 85cm, along with smooth and swift operation. If you’re looking for a reel that’s well suited to a variety of fishing styles and venues, the Crossfire 3050X is worth serious consideration, especially if you fish in many types of places and are seeking big fish. One reviewer of this reel exclaimed enthusiastically, “the Crossfire series reels offer an astonishing level of performance for their price.” The reel sells for just £29.99

Features of the 3050X Reel

One feature I really appreciate is the convenient rear drag and the beefy 5.2:1 gear ratio. In such an affordable reel, you might not expect to find five ball bearings along with a quality roller bearing as well. So the 3050X has amazingly effortless winding. This reel will hold 170 metres of 12 pound test fishing line and weighs 12.2 ounces. When you add the benefits gained by the Twist Buster feature, durable ABS spool and digital gear design, anglers can expect trouble free performance from this reel. Digital gear design allows for a precise mesh between the alloy drive gear and the marine bronze pinion gear. The 3050 also features infinite anti reverse and a reactive drag system with a soft grip knob. The steel bale arm is tin plated for corrosion resistance and the reel comes with a spare spool.

About Twist Buster

Twist Buster is Daiwa’s exclusive system that dramatically reduces the line twist problem that’s common on most spinning reels. The line roller has a special collar designed so that the line always travels at a right angle to the roller pivot. This system will prevent twist even if the line tries to travel the pivot aslant. The line roller itself is specially tapered so that the twisting of the outer line is significantly reduced. Outer line, by the way, is the portion of fishing line that’s located beyond where it contacts the line roller.

About ABS

ABS stands for “advanced ballistic system” and is a type of spool design that has a maximised spool core diameter along with a reversed taper. This means that 100% of the line on your reel is usable and that anglers can confidently load their 3050X reels with line right up to the edge of the spool lip without fear of tangles.

I think the Daiwa Crossfire 3050X spinning reel is a great piece of fishing tackle for the price.

Source by Tommy Lee Jones

Canadian Fishing Experience – Interesting Facts Spotlighting Smallmouth Bass Fishing

This is even more apparent in some of our slack water reservoirs. Smallmouth relates much more to a sudden or rapid depth change than they do cover. When we fish for largemouth, we are all taught to fish brush piles and thick weed beds, but small mouth bass are more likely to be caught on a rock ledge that drops off quickly from about six to twelve feet.

When fishing in the reservoirs here such as Conowingo, or in the rivers like the Susquehanna, small mouths are sometimes caught shallow, but they are seldom more than 10-20 yards away from deep water.

Everywhere we go, we see the majority of bass anglers beating the shoreline, and as this may work for largemouth bass most of the time, if you are after big smallmouth bass, turn around and cast to the open water rather than beat the shore.
Unlike largemouth, smallmouth often group together by size. We found that if we were catching smaller fish, in the eleven to fourteen inch range, we rarely caught a big one in the same area.

On the other hand, when we caught a small mouth that was
About four or five pounds, many times there were several that size and even larger swimming right along with them. Big largemouth bass are loners, usually found by them on the best piece of structure, while larger smallmouth bass will often school together. There are several things that tell you that smallmouth bass are much better suited for strong current than largemouth. For one, their pointed noses and the sharp angle of their fins are indicators that they are more suited to current. They often get behind a rock or stump and rush out to feed.

Locating and then catching big smallmouth is a real challenge. That is why it is so much fun. Hopefully by reading some of these methods you have gained a better understanding of where these trophy fish go and what they are looking for, and of course, this will hopefully get you the fish of a lifetime.
The best method is to cast shallow and retrieve the lure slowly back towards the deeper water. Slowly is the key word here. In cold water, a slow, steady retrieve is deadly for big smallmouth.

When the water starts to get above 50 degrees, the smallmouth will start to move around the flats more. Some of the best spots for smallmouth don’t really look very good to the average angler that is used to fishing for largemouth. The better areas are just some pea gravel or some clay with maybe a stump or two, but fish these areas slowly now, and you will connect with a big smallmouth. Swimming a Yamamoto grub in these types of areas is absolutely deadly at these water temperatures. Keep working these areas slowly and don’t move too quickly, and you will hook one of the better smallmouth in the area.

Many times here in the northeast, we get a lot of heavy rains, which really muddies up the water such as the Susquehanna River and flats. This can really ruin a lot of the small mouth fishing, but finding clearer water can produce good fish even under these adverse conditions, as we proved earlier this year out on the flats. By searching out some clear water in the same type of areas, we connected with several big fish while we were hearing nothing but complaints from other anglers. In lakes or reservoirs, as well as the rivers, if you move to the back of creek arms and crank the advancing mud line, you can still connect with good fish.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal

Cotton Microfiber Bathroom Towels Ultra Soft Hotel SPA Beach Pool Bath Towel Fishing Largemouth Sea Bass Catching a Bite in Water Spray Motion Splash Wild Image Green Blue

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Indulge yourself in spa like luxury with this SCOCICI luxurious towel.

The set is made of Soft 100% cotton microfiber known for its softness, absorbency, and durability. These towels make an ideal complement to any bathroom whether you use it to pamper yourself or reserve it for special guests. Cotton fibers are valued for their superior length and strength, which also reduces the buildup of pile and lint. These towels will feel cozy and comfortable against your skin every time you use them. Additionally the towels get softer with washing and drying.Machine wash will not only keep the towels soft and comfortable as they already are but will also prolong its life.

The beautiful design is pleasing to the eyes. The towels are very soft and are very comfortable to use.They can be used by gents and ladies alike. They are unisex towels.


@ The set includes 1 bath towel

@ Bath towel measures 27.5″ x 55.1″ (70 x 140 cm)

@ They are made of 100% cotton microfiber

@ Machine wash will not only keep the towels soft and comfortable as they already are but will also prolong its life.

This product is designed and sold exclusively by SCOCICI. Only buy from SCOCICI to get genuine SCOCICI(R) products with manufacturer warranty and superb customer service.

Indulge yourself in spa like luxury with this SCOCICI luxurious bath towel(includes 1 bath towel)
Bath towels with popular pattern measure 27.5″ x 55.1″ (70 x 140 cm)
Material: Soft 100% cotton microfiber; Function: Absorbency and durability
Care Instructions: Machine washable and dryable. For best use, wash separately on first use. You may see some lint on the first wash which will diminish after each washing. This will not affect the look, feel, or performance of your towel set
The SCOCICI Towel will be a valuable addition to your luxury towel collection, and can be used by gents and ladies alike