2017 KATS Kayak Anglers Tournament Series on Coleto Creek. Kayak bass fishing tournament No. 3 2017

Join me for the 3rd Kayak Fishing Tournament of KATS for 2017! This video shows the whole experience with vlogging and the catch and release bass fishing process of kayak tournament fishing. There was a total of 107 anglers in kayaks, plus there was a Boat Tournament going on at the same time totaling about 135 boaters. See how I managed to cull a limit and what I used!!

The M180 drive really helped this past tournament on Coleto creek. Didn’t want to throw out an anchor early in the morning. The reverse feature kept me right where I needed to be before and after the fish bite. C’mon!

Coleto Creek Park:

KATS – http;//www.fishkats.com

Keep God in your heart and a rod in your hand!

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H-Crate for Hobie:

BooneDox Landing Gear:

Werner Paddle:

Kistler Rod:

Shimano Reel:

Aleader Water Shoes:

Bait mostly used, Zoom Brushhog:

Sport Buff:

Seagar Fishing Line:

Go Pro:

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Coleto Creek Park:


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