2016 Early Spring Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Hello and welcome to another WatermanAtWork kayak fishing videoIn this video, we’ll take a look back at the early spring smallmouth bass fishingAfter a long Pacific Northwest winterwe’re ready to get back out on the water and hunting big early season smallmouth bassThe fishing can be inconsistent this early in the yearso I’m happy to have a solid hookupIt’s a nice fishGot it!Not a bad way to start the fishing seasonThe sun is out on a cool spring morningand the bass are bitingAnother Columbia River smallmouth bassSmallmouth bass are great fightersThis is another nice fishThis bass is really putting up a fightAnother nice springtime bassA big hit on the lead head grubThis feels like a big oneIt’s sticking on the bottomAnother great fighterIt’s a big fishGot it!Easily the biggest bass of the yearSo far. . . watermanatwork. com

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