2015 CKA Kayak Bass Fishing Tournaments Randleman Resavoir and Harris Lake

The Tale of Two Tournaments!

Only a couple of catches here, just more a recap of the trip, organization, and sponsor.
Some footage from two recent Carolina Kayak Anglers (CKA) tournaments I attended in North Carolina. Excellent tournaments with good turnouts. I had a really bad prefish for my first tournament. It is definitely tough trying to learn new bodies of water in a day! Especially when you have a day like I had at Randleman Lake. We launched from the southwest park which is near Greensboro. Despite the cold rainy weather some good stringers were produced. I lost or deleted the footage of my catch. Thank goodness for the folks at GET OUTDOORS they saved my caboose!
Second tournament took place at Shearon Harris lake just south of Raleigh. Had a friend and fellow YouTuber Zach Moore join me! Fish seemed to be hanging in 10-15 feet of water for this late May tournament. I caught my first Bow Fin….but wasn’t recording during the hookset. 🙁

Check out Zach’s YouTube:

Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 13 Hidden Oak.

Filmed with V.I.O. POV (VIOPOV)
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