1st Ever Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament – North Fork Holston River

My first fishing tournament ever, plus the 1st Ever Kayak Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tournament held on North Fork Holston River in Southwest Virginia, September 2, 2017. The tournament was primarily a Smallmouth Bass event, with the longest Smallie as the main class to win the overall. However there were two additional classes for the Longest Largemouth Bass & Longest Redeye/Rock Bass. Luckily I was blessed with a Tank of a bucketmouth to win the Largemouth division, and it ended up being biggest fish caught during the tournament. Which was awesome and I’m very thankful to have landed such an amazing fish. Largemouth are kind of rare on NFH so it was truly a blessing to land during the first kayak tournament. Was a rough wet day, but had a good time fishing with my team mates and friends Zac Gentry and Dustin Reedy on Team GSP.

Final Standings:
1st TJ Richardson 17 1/2″
2nd Zac Gentry 16 1/2″
3rd (tie) Thomas Horsch and TJ Richardson 15″‘
Longest Largemouth Travis Hayton 21″

*2018 Tournament Dates are posted at the end of the video*
Or visit the group pages on Facebook… “Yakers for Smallies” and “Kayaking for Christ”

The tournament was hosted by, The New Christian Community Church Saltville, VA, Kayaking for Christ Ministries Facebook Group & Yakers for Smallies Facebook Group. Sponsored by Lamie’s Sportsman’s Den Saltville VA, Just Fishin’ Bristol Va, Concessions Dunn Right, Saltville Va


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