Deep Cranking Smallmouth Bass

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Traditional Bowhunting Elk with Primitive Bow – Part 2

The 2018 archery elk season turned out to be one of the toughest yet. With warm weather and very little rutting activity just hearing bugles and fining bulls proved to be a challenge.

To add to the difficulty Clay Hayes is bow hunting with an osage recurve selfbow and bamboo arrows which reduces his effective range. So, in order to bring home the free range organic meat he’s after, he’ll have to get very close. Although a primitive bow is deadly, the lower speed tends to reduce how far a hunter can shoot them accurately vs modern recurves or longbows.

This elk season Clay bow hunted for a total of 19 days before getting the opportunity to loose a single arrow from his traditional bow. Follow along as he hunts Idaho’s wild backcountry public lands. You’ll also get a lesson in tracking and trailing which goes well beyond blood trailing.

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How to Select the Right Topwater Lure – Bass Fishing Tips

Hopefully this video will help every angler when it comes to selecting topwater lures based on weather conditions. The two most important factors in lure selection are water temperature and wind. I also group topwater baits based on their speed category and give a detailed explanation on which speeds to use throughout the year. Use the noisier baits when the wind is high and the quiet baits when its slick. School session is over, now its time to do some topwater bass fishing folks!

Topwater Lures in this Video:
Pompadour Jr.
Whopper Plopper
Incredi Frog
Lunker Popping Frog
Spro Popping Frog
Terminator Frog
Spro BBZ-1 Rat
Livetarget Sunfish

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Bass Fishing With Live Bluegill!

First time I’ve ever tried this, super fun and effective! I’ll update you guys on what I’ve been up to in the next video, had a great tournament this past Saturday!

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Lake Fork Bass Fishing Tournament With Clients

Did we win??? You will have to watch to the end to see how we came out in this bass fishing tournament style group trip out on Lake Fork. Either way you know we had a great time on the ol goat lake, thanks for watching!

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Fly Fishing Smallmouth Bass in Streams

Fly fishing for small mouth bass in a creek in the state of North Carolina. The smallmouth weren’t very big but fought hard on the fly fishing rods. We also caught some bluegill and my first pig fish! Had a great time fly fishing for bass for the first time.

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REALLY BIG BASS caught on deep diving crankbait!

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SPRO Fat Papa 70 Crankbait:

Elite Series angler proceeds to catch 20 pounds in about 5 casts on a SPRO Fat Papa crank bait in this video. He talks about choosing color, changing retrieve speed and a lot more that will help anglers catch more bass on river ledges.

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Catching big smallmouth bass

Went out Chasing muskies and weatern pa angler Mark Galinac ended up catching this 22 inch smallie using creek chub….the other 2 clips we have are from fall fishing ….they were both largemouth …first one caught trolling muskie and bass slammed a super shad rap tiger pattern…second bass was caught using sucker…I do not target bass since I go after muskie and end up catching bass anyways …why I have such a big net ….


River Fishing – Catch Big Bass in Current

Want to catch big bass when river fishing, or around current in your lake? Want to locate bass hideouts in moving water? This video will help you find current breaks, seams, eddies and back current that hold fish. Watch this bass fishing video and nearly 300 more, FREE for 30 days for a limited time at

The Bass University TV instructor is talking about the importance of current when bass fishing, how it activates the fish, moves baitfish and creates opportunities for anglers to catch them. The moving water will cause them to school or group up, making them easier to locate and catch. Pete Gluszek will help you read the current and find the areas where predatory fish will setup and look for baitfish and other food to travel by.


Smallmouth Bass Fishing On Lake St. Clair W/ Scott Martin

Scott Martin heads out on Lake St. Clair with FLW Tour Co-Angler Todd Steele to do some smallmouth bass fishing on lures from the MTB Pro box as possible in 1 hour. If you follow tournament bass fishing, then you know that the smallmouth fishing at St. Clair has been unbelievable lately. There is the potential to catch a monster 6lb. plus smallmouth… Stay tuned until the end of the video to see who wins the challenge and be sure to subscribe to Scott Martin’s YouTube channel.

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