Winter may be tough fishing but its prime time to catch giant bass! Don’t let the cold temperatures and tough fishing fool you, this is one of your best shots at the …


  1. Cool video . learned a lot , but my other question is and I can't find a video of yours … where do the bass go when it's extremely cold water with no ice . In say like a pond . I mostly fish ponds

  2. i have a question so my dream is to become a pro bass fisherman and be in the elite series and right now im fishing clear water around 43 degreese f and they say that they are catching them on swimbaits about 35 ft down but we havent had any luck with that ever since the shad spawn its been very hard.

  3. The ice is coming here in Northern NJ. You guys keep me sane throughout the winter months. You're the best on YouTube without a doubt. Thank you both.

  4. Love your videos guys! Recently started kayak bass fishing the delta more in opposed to mostly lakes. Your info and videos have improved the quality and quantity of my fish caught. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


  5. Hey guys I was watching Scott Martin yesterday on his YouTube channel he mentioned he wanted to come out to California and fish boards Barn and said it would be great to hook up with you too I hope that comes true would love to see it happy holidays

  6. Love your videos.But the zman has done no better for me then 1/2 of senko.Even with scent.The zman head snags very easy and the zman jig wire guard way to stiff.I have had alittle better luck with them split shot letting it float behind.

  7. Just watched another video you made and it had 10 thumbs down as this one does, looks like you have 10 haters that follow you around and get their Barbi rods all twisted up in their panties. You guys are the best on YouTube and tell the truth about bass fishing, I have fished for 40 years and I have learned a ton of info from you and Tim while watching your videos. If you ever make it to East Tennessee you have a seat in my boat any day. I'll put you on some good smallies with the little old 1/8 – 116 hair jigs dead of winter or summer, (maybe yourself and Tim need to shoot a video on lil old hair jigs) LoL…… Great job to both of you, 40 years and never fished a swimbait but I'm getting there thanks to you guys.

  8. Caught 3, 3-4lb bass out of a pond yesterday using this advice. I haven't had any luck on regular trick worms but then I saw this and rigged up a wacky senko. Barley bumped it off the bottom. It took me like 5min to retrieve it how slow I was working it, but it worked!

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