What Gear Ratio is the Best for Bass Fishing

Here I try to clear up the confusion behind gear ratios. Please check out my sponsors. http://biospawn.com/ http://mysterytacklebox.com/ http://www.jjsmagic.com/ …



  1. Nick Winchester

    Gene, I understand gear ratios, but doesn't spool size matter? If I have a larger spool, won't the impact of the amount of line retrieved be greater than a reel with a smaller spool even if their gear ratios are the same? So I understand that gear ratios matter, but shouldn't consideration be given to the amount of line taken in per revolution of the handle, ie 36 inches of line per turn of the handle? I was just wondering if you pay attention to that number or just gear ratio, and if so, why? Great video and thanks for your time.

  2. Josh Maudlin

    Still bringing some over the higher quality fishing videos that are actually informational about how to catch more fish other than just YouTube entertainment

  3. Michael SANCHEZ

    I generally stick to a 7-1 and just slow down or speed up how fast I turn the handle depending on the different situation I'm fishing. I also look for higher drag just so I can use the reel for more types of baits/fishing. I also usually swap out the handles to a little longer handle for leverage for use for crank boats or drop shorting to pull them out of the vegetation. I generally make my reels usable for pretty much any situation so I if I only have one with me I don't have to worry about anything it'll just do the job.

  4. Keith Roepcke

    great job on gear ratio's. I only carry 3 Rod's on my boat , trying to cross over a little to cover most things. like you said you can reel faster or slower

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