1. can't wait to go fishing later with my wacky worms i just bought. I am going to put some krill oil on it to make it smell better for the bass, sort of like an attractant substitute. Wish me luck!

  2. Yeah, I'm getting hooked (pun intended) on the wacky worm fishing for sure!! It's been producing a lot of hits for me and very few get off due to the hook being so exposed. I do hate the snags, but that's part of fishing where the hawgs are!

  3. What kind of line do you like to use on your wacky worm set up? Also what pound test? I was using 10 pound mono and lost two big ones because they broke my line.

  4. I fish wacky worms a lot, and I like to do three smaller movements up, and then reel a little bit, and then do it again, but maybe switch the speed, or do it different

  5. Nice video! I'm ready to start wacky rigging in the Spring. Looks like a great way to catch big fish. I'm addicted to using river2sea spittinwa's. I really feel like they attract bigger bass and they are more versatile than a regular frog. I'm thinking the wacky rig might call the bigger fish too. I like the Texas Rig otherwise I feel like it just catches whatever is around. What do you think?

  6. dude trust me and try a sure set hook same look bt the tip is sideways i never ever lose a bite off them and they come 25 per pack. which means you save $$$$$

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