Veronica's FIRST LARGEMOUTH BASS! – 18 inch 3lb – Pond Fishing

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Veronica catches her first LargeMouth Bass and it’s a nice catch! Caught it on a tiny shad color minnow plastic. Texas rigged. I cast it under a foot of water that runs under the road. Told her there’s probably a few sitting in there for shade..and I was right! 😀
I measured it against my leg. I subtracted an inch just in case but it was at least 18″ which puts it around 2.5-3.5lb. Nice healthy fish, dark and full.

I’m hoping to start my own fishing channel this year but might not happen. Need to get a decent setup. Gopro camera with a chest harness for POV capture and external mic for better audio. Very I can’t really get the greatest footage of fishing as the videos are taken via our phone camera..

Gotta check’m out!
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