Can YouTube help me become a better fisherman? In this episode I am trying Gulp Alive Marinade, Mullet flavor. This is a very concentrated scent typically used …


  1. Was the marinade watery or oily? I was thinking about buying this or the recharge liquid and soaking my preferred soft plastics in it ans see what happens. Only issue is I don't want to risk ruining my plastics as I've read in one forum someone tried it and it ruined the soft plastic worms. Any experience?

  2. Gulp products are pretty much the go to soft plastic here in the Keys. You know it is good when some guys fish it by just tossing it out and let it sit on the bottom. I lose tons of tails so I know all the little fishies love them as well.

  3. Just curious though…was it the bait presentation alone or was it the scent on the bait…hhhmmm. Gonna make me have to go try it and see ! Great video, Bro =)

  4. Nice!!!! Curious though Do you think the dip had worn off when You caught the Bass or had you been re-dipping the whole time ? I know weird question but trying to figure out what scents really work 🙂

  5. Are you going to dump it into a container? As primarily and inshore guy, I use the marinade a lot. I dump the mullet into the salt grubs and they have a shrimp flavor as well. Wonder if it would work better for you if it had a chance to soak.

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