Two 9lb Florida Canal Largemouth Bass. Fishing Florida Day 1

Went down to Florida for spring break and this is day 1 of fishing florida 02/28/2016. On day one fishing Florida I decided to hit the Canals around Boynton Beach Florida. The Largemouth Bass during this video were in Pre-spawn, Spawning, and Post-Spawn.

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Rod: St.Croix Mojo Inshore Spinning Rod, 7’6″ Medium Light Fast Action 1/8-1/2oz $130

Line: Main Line 15lb Green Moss Power Pro Braid, Leader 12lb Blue Label Seaguar Fluorocarbon.

Reel: Diawa Laguna Spinning

Lure: Zoom Green Pumpkin Baby Brush Hog, 2/0 Gamakatsu EWG offset worm hook, 1/4oz tungston pegged with a rubber stopper.

Camera: Gopro Hero 3+ Silver
Music: Pade Remix by Joe Curto

Thanks for watching Tight Lines, and Fish to Live!


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