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  1. around 3 but consistent slowly consistent through in the jig. I can't wait for top water and pulling sq bills. thanks for the vids bro. I'm loving that yak man I have been thinking about getting that one or the shadow caster because of the deck.

  2. Hey man, thanks for the shout out!!! Those were some chunky fish! Sorry about that rod though, damn. One thought – look at the video to line up two trees or two objects on the shoreline to give you a precise location when you are back trying to find it. Hated seeing that. Hope you get it back.

  3. Nice video!!!! I lost my fav setup to a Carp, we dredged the water with sinkers and treble hooks for 3 hours couldn't get it back, I hope this doesn't happen to you I hope you get it back Tight Lines 🙂

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