Toronto Fishing Spots – Ontario Place Smallmouth Bass

Today I explore Lake Ontario in the heart of downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The City of Toronto just opened up access to the Ontario Place park in the summer of 2017. There are lots of shore fishing opportunities with access to almost every species of fish that swims in Lake Ontario, all throughout the year – right in your backyard! These include my personal favourites, such as: pike, brown trout, salmon, bowfin, an array of panfish and of course, largemouth and smallmouth bass!

The bass spawn was very late this year; wildly fluctuating surface and water temperatures, combined with unpredictable barometric pressure readings and abnormally high water levels have our fish very confused; we found bass spawning/fanning eggs in the middle of July! Most largies were up high in the water column, while the smallies stuck to shallow rocky points, ledges and flooded paths, laying eggs and attacking crayfish/frogs/critters that posed a threat to their fry.

I was after the smallmouth bass today, but I know there’s tons of more fish to catch in Toronto. This is also a convenient park if you have kids, do not own a boat, or live/work in the city and don’t want to drive for north for hours!

Please follow all your local rules and regulations when fishing; clean up all garbage you take into the park (because it makes the rest of us look bad if you don’t) stay safe on the water!

For GTA pond fishing, check out this video:

– Equipment –

Camera: GoPro Hero 4 Black

Rod: Bass Pro Shops BPS Extreme Woo Davis Worm 6’6 Medium-Heavy Baitcast

Reel: Bass Pro Shops Extreme ETX10SLC

Lure: Widowmaker Lures Crawdaddy, Worms

Music Credits: Kronicle – Lets Go, Lakey Inspired – Elevate, Professor Xv – Yesterday


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