Topwater bass fishing can be just about the most exciting way to catch bass. In the spring and early summer you can really capitalize on some big bites in the …


  1. you are the humblest Fisherman I truly appreciate your love for the fish.. thats how it should be its inspirational.. I hate to see guys chucken em back cause they are disappointed it isn't 10lbs ya know.. great video man hope to see more

  2. Great vid!  I gotta try that topwater, ive not fished topwater at all, been concentrating on getting better at fishing jigs… color/trailer combinations etc.  Thank you for the videos, keep em coming!

  3. Is there anyway you can do a rod a reel arsenal I'm so interested in your shimanos cause I'm starting to become a huge shimano guy and I Love to fish the buzz style frog it's super fun

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