Topwater Tips for Spring Bass Fishing

Topwater bass fishing can be just about the most exciting way to catch bass. In the spring and early summer you can really capitalize on some big bites in the …



  1. Northern Redneck engineer

    you are the humblest Fisherman I truly appreciate your love for the fish.. thats how it should be its inspirational.. I hate to see guys chucken em back cause they are disappointed it isn't 10lbs ya know.. great video man hope to see more

  2. okiefish 70

    Great vid!  I gotta try that topwater, ive not fished topwater at all, been concentrating on getting better at fishing jigs… color/trailer combinations etc.  Thank you for the videos, keep em coming!

  3. Garrett Bezdek

    Is there anyway you can do a rod a reel arsenal I'm so interested in your shimanos cause I'm starting to become a huge shimano guy and I Love to fish the buzz style frog it's super fun

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