We caught 31 bass on topwater frogs, this was the best frog fishing day of my life, enjoy!!!! Check me out on facebook and twitter page Facebook Page: …


  1. I would try either a deep diving crankbait to follow the contour of the bottom or try Carolina rigging a soft plastic and try using a standup jig head with a soft plastic, to find out how they want the bait either laying down or standing up. Either way maintain contact with the bottom to trigger bites

  2. Trust me, I know how to walk the dog with a frog. I have been frog fishing all of my life, that's how I started learning how to fish. And they wanted the frog to bobb more than walk because of the tadpoles in the water bobb when they swim

  3. what do you use to fish ledges or drop offs in lakes?? in my local lake we have almost a plateau that drops off and i kno the fish are just off the ledge.. what would u recommend?

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